Watch “Did you know God could help you self express with knowledge, understanding and wisdom? Pvbs 4:5-7.” on YouTube

Did you know so much help for life and the best way to express yourself through it all was available in Christ? That God could help you acquire so much wisdom, knowledge and understanding? When you seek you will find. I sought and I found and I just can’t keep quiet again oOoOO. Happy Sunday world, Min MAG

Watch “Day 159: Expressing Feelings: Ephesians 5:15-16” on YouTube

How many of us grew up stuffing our feelings, not understanding them or not knowing how to express them in a way that will help and not hurt? I have almost always been able to feel my feelings, but the processing and expressing of these feelings in a healthy and Godly way was challenging for years. By God’s Amazing Grace I am proud of where I am in my journey today with all this. May my day’s muse inspire motivate and encourage you hallelujah. Have a serene Sunday world, Min MAG

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Watch “Day 158: Expressing Love; 1 Ephs 4:2” on YouTube

Love is really the greatest virtue and yet we sometimes get so stuck and outright frustrated because we don’t seem to get it right. We don’t seem to be expressing love to each other the way the other needs to or is willing to receive that love, and gbaam relationships collapse and more scars needing healing. I muse on this today and have learned so much from my various relationships (all types not only romantic ones lol). I hope my muse inspires motivates and encourages. I am so blessed to be on this journey, I wish everyone so much in their respective journeys of life oooooo Amen. Have a great weekend world, Min MAG

Watch “Day 90: Relationships that enhance healthy & holistic living” on YouTube

On this last of a 9 days series on Food wow, I muse on my relationships as an enhancement of my healthy & holistic lifestyle (and if not I have the option to address redress or cutoff). I love the clarity this journey is giving me and the actions I am taking along the way too. May my sharing as I muse on be a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement to someone. Discernment, Grace and Gratitude I pray for Amen ooooooooooo. Min MAG

Watch “Day 87: My relationships as a source of emotional food for my heart” on YouTube

Are your relationships – bigger pause on friendships & romantic relationships; a source of healthy emotional food or toxic ones which can cause you serious heart burn and more?
Hmmmmm, this was a good one for me to muse on. Indeed my 9th book released last December is an autopsy of my parcours in this domain and my resolves.
Help me papa to be so sensitive and discerning and help all others who need your Grace in this area of their lives too in Jesus’Mighty Name AMEN OOOOOOOO. Min MAG

Watch “Day 84: My relationships as a source of spiritual food” on YouTube

Have you ever thought deeply about your relationships including that with yourself, and wondered if it was a source of Spiritual Food for you or not? I muse on this today and am thinking all types of relationships. They either make me stronger spiritually with regards to what I receive and what I give in it, or it’s time to address, redress, or simply let go of that relationship.. Spiritual Food just like any other food should make one grow and thrive and not shrink or stagnate ooooo. God help us have more spiritually nourishing relationships Amen. Min MAG

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