I had a meltdown today after 9 months

Hello tribe,Today was so overwhelming and sensorial, I ended up with a meltdown.Today I signed the grant for my association at the US Embassy in my country, and an event which was to be joyful all the way ended up triggering. I really went through the crying and pain in my head, and hands and legs, and I did live videos to capture all that and use that to raise awareness about mental health challenges and Mental illness.So, feeling better now and ready for bed, I just wrote the following on Facebook – does anyone relate or have anything to add which I could capture for more sensitization please?Some Signs someone is struggling mentally:
1) Their speech gets more rapid or slurred;
2) Their gaze gets more distracted or static;
3) Their coherence gets more all over the place or repetitive;
4) They cry for no reason or every reason they recall;
5) They look so untidy or over more than usual…inshort it is on a case by case basis and I am drawing from my own experiences as a mental health care user and providerSome things you can do to help someone struggling
1) Listen to them without offering advice as they speak;
2) let them cry all they want and just run their hand and offer a tissue as you let them know it is ok to cry it out;
3) Ask them what you can do to make them feel better, and try to do that;
4) Help them look at the positive side of life as is without any judgmental tone;
5) Encourage them to lie down or offer to go for a walk with them depending on how they are and what they prefer.Some things not helpful to do when someone is struggling
1) Do not cut them short with solutions unless you know them so well, you may trigger more sadness and helplessness if you do – online comments are different, they may not even read them while the struggle is ongoing;
2) Do not try to blame them or make them feel ungrateful about their struggles;
3) Do not try to get them bottle it up for whatever reason;
4) Do not try to take any major decisions about them without discussing with them (personally I would feel invalidated, hurt and stigmatized);
5) Do not laugh away their struggle.All the above from my personal experiences. I am sincerely grateful for all Angels on my path, and all who continue to trust me to help them too.Goodnight tribe, I feel much better but need to sleep now and not later o. I will be live on national TV tomorrow for the program below

Wow news as am featured on World Pulse

Oh yes world,

Somebody is doing what she love: writing: and she’s getting featured on the one and only World Pulse now.


It is a wonderful feeling and it’s been a 5 years journey to World Pulse to begin with. I mean, what was I even waiting for to start blogging there?

Don’t give up on whatever you are at, there is time for sowing and time for harvesting. Above wowing at the honorarium I wasn’t expecting, I am wowing at the opportunities this affords me…

With so much gratitude I wish everyone all the best

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And my ego and body took a big bashful beating hurray…

photo taken 17.05.18

Hmm, that picture was taken on the day my ego and body conceded defeat at exactly 3am. I looked at the time when the thought crossed my mind that ‘this is it for your ego and body’.

I was recently on a spiritual journey of some length, and indeed pressure was not only coming from the outside to give up you know. My ego and body were spearheading the naysayers. Let’s start with fella ego shall we?

Are you sure you can do this?

Nobody asked me the above question out rightly except fella ego. I quickly ignored him and set about with my preparations, mainly emotional and spiritual, then telling my entourage (especially the boys you know). But you know fella e, he lies in wait and pops again even in your sleep. Anyway, it’s all come to pass and I did it…big time and all the way…

What will people say?

Both fella e and the fella Es of a few ‘concerned’, asked me the above a few times. What if they say you are sick, be it physical or mental you know. What if they shun your services and you can’t survive like that anyway, what if, what if!!! I decided to write an official I need no one to believe in me post here on my blog to take care of that once and for all…

You are losing far too much weight and your health too you know

I should be weighing 70/71kgs which is 4kgs below my ideal although my ideal for BMI is 73kg. So what is the alarm? Yes I had some mild health challenges with an inflamed eye which all but shut down and some equally mild RA flares lasting 3 days each, but I mean spiritual journey or not, that could happen. So no all fella Es, the spiritual journey wasn’t going to be stopped. I took several different meds and products for the eye thanks to misdiagnosis, but thank God none was to be taken during the day nor mandatory with food – sorry this approach too didn’t work. I even told my GA when that eye started that it was but a distraction

Give them a piece of your mind like the real you would back in the days

At the start of stage 4, I faced what I will call the most emotional challenge I had ever faced since starting the journey. Fella E nagged at me to give it a piece of my mind and abandon the spiritual journey if it’ll cool tempers and let ‘peace reign’. Well, prima, I listened to my spirit and waited 7 days before giving a piece of my serene mind, and then when the challenge continued I shut down emotionally and said I felt that was the best option for this stage (turned out to be one of Grace – and that was the best decision I made from every indication). You see fella E, you don’t know any real me and you can’t lure me with any of your trapings. I wouldn’t even bother to give you any piece of my mind – let me address your sister body now

A nagging swollen eye

It could sometimes get worst
The worst of a distraction

It started like a joke on the 26th of February. I quickly felt in my spirit that was going to accompany me through out the spiritual journey and although it will be a distraction so no ‘unwanted’ questions are asked about the spiritual journey itself, it turned out to attract a lot of attention. I decided from the very beginning to deflate my ego by baptizing the eye “our healing eye”. I told God it was “our eye” and He knew how much we needed that eye. I however told Him what my spirit told me which I know He was aware of, the swelling or inflammation was a distraction and I treated it as such, stopping barely to sleep at night.

I went about my activities and took up riding the bicycle the more inflamed it got. I read An American Marriage the weekend the eye got to its worst (48hrs to finish that epic novel because I got it from a sister who brought same from the US and was yet to even read the cover)… the eye got its final dose of healing on the 13th of May 2018 and that was another exciting chapter closed in that thrilling journey.

Tiredness and Sour Mouth

The last ditch from my body to get me to stop this just ended awesome spiritual journey was to threaten to breakdown. The last week in particular was spectacular. My sleep was literally messed up. Sleep 8.30 pm – 2.27 am and then toss around with some REM sleep for maybe 30-45mins and then give up – and then embarrassingly nod off occasionally during the day on the spur. Three days after it started, while meditating, I got the aha, that is the last attempt. Even the sour mouth which I thought was due to meds was rather intensifying although no longer on meds. Well, I slept much better today and the sour mouth is getting better.

And so dear all, that in a nutshell is how my Ego and Body disturbed and and got a big bashful beating. The spirit was so willing to the point that no weak flesh could deter it.

Be inspired and motivated someone, hope you are enjoying the weekend like I am doing lol

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Watch “Shit happens. Clean it up and move on! | Beatrice Achaleke | TEDxKlagenfurt” on YouTube

Beatrice is my heroine, my mentor, my boss from my day zero here on earth. No matter how long we stay without talking to or seeing each other, when we do it’s a bam.

Am still planning my trip to J’bourg.

Who is following Us to Africa? 

Who is giving themselves unapologetic permission to clean the shit that happens in their lives?

Kindly leave some insight here or on the clip, you never can tell who’s gonna be helped by your comment.

Have a great Sunday my e-family…

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Bike Baptism and discovering the Patience of a Fisherman

I just wanna share some pictures to illustrate this post. Now I can bike indeed and I can take off and stop on my own. Even if that stopping results in this:

Now I am getting there :)
Now I am getting there 🙂

And sure I immediately got up and climbed back on that same bike, a bigger one than the one previously used. I know it takes patience to master anything we set out to do. But men, the patience of a Fisherman?

I had the chance to hold a fishing rod for the first time in my life. I had before that helped to dig up white worms from the ground to be used as baits. All this is discovery! I mean, some of Jesus’ disciples really had to be from this professional background! We sometimes eat fish and take for granted the patience of the fisherman. I tried to smile when I started off:

PF 2 and thought to be hopeful:PF 1 but the bike baptism wasn’t helping and there was no fish in sight. In the end I wished I could just swim away:PF Now is bedtime and I am yet to figure the best position for my knee and whether I should cover up the wound or not. It’ll heal though and tomorrow is sure another day.

Dear gentle readers and followers, indeed as long as we breathe, we can’t say we’ve learnt or seen it all right?