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An official BBB 4 me at this point

Hiya my gentle readers and followers,

I have decided to take a BBB… OHh a brief blogging break.

My last few posts have surely revealed some about my current state of mind and matter, and so a break is highly needed. I wish I could travel for some much needed me moments. But Nada, not especially for a single mom of 3 boys with one of them not going on any Easter break because well he is in an ‘examination’ class.

Am just taking a BBB from writing, not reading and commenting. I think something like 7 or 10 days you know. I plan to blog daily in May which is Mental Health Awareness Month and so yes I need to get my grove back sooner than later.

So, see you over at your blogs…

Have a great week aheas


Listen to your body and nurture it to spare you some…


Dear World,

Last week I returned from work one day and suddenly felt overwhelmingly tired. The kind of tiredness I felt was far from my normal. I got alarmed and decided to let a few friends know I could be on my way out at that rate. I mean I couldn’t even leave my room – my bed actually, and I had to be fed right there. A small meal took like for ever and once I drank the milk I slept for 9 straight hours. I woke up the next morning feeling better although my eyes hurt like I had over slept and my head was just calming down.

My friends advised me to rest – a lot – and that’s what I did the very next day – all day I took it at my pace and fed my body some healthy stuffs. I didn’t go into town to sit for 8 – 10 hours working away at the frantic pace I had somehow in retrospect picked up and was even proud of. I usually work hard, even sports is no joking business. But there is only so much the body can take, and as one of my friends pointed out, you can’t twist a 38 year old brain and body like you were 18. Let your size not fool you she added. I gladly re-tweeted a tweet from Ms Marala Scot an American best selling author which says: ‘Your body is not your enemy listen to it’.


I have known that the body deserves breaks, I have just often thought we are masters and the body servants. It seems that’s a selfish way to look at it right? I keep learning it the hard way. It is not right, we can’t seem to want to play power tussle even with our own body and brain – makes no sense.

Sometimes, our to do list is simply overflowing and we feel like all the energy is there anyway. Yet, if we know ourselves and listen to our bodies, we could get to spare ourselves some headaches and heartaches. No doubt high blood pressure is said to be the silent killer. And when death does come, what will happen to that over stimulating to do list anyway? Maybe read out at your requiem or something?

Therefore my dear e-family, although it is good and even commendable to be ambitious and even audaciously daring, you need to listen to the body you are relying on!

Have you had any such experience with your bodies you would like to share ? How do you nurture your body ?


Book Presentation: Sassy, Single, and Satisfied: Secrets to Loving the Life You’re Living by MMH


For All the Single Ladies in the House

My Story with this epic book

When I first came across this book by Michelle Mc-Kinney Hammond, whom I really just so love, I really contemplated whether I should buy it, read it, and review or share my reading /enlightenment journey whenever I was done. I knew even then, that this book wasn’t going to leave me the same although I couldn’t for sure figure out what this book was going to do to me. I could only hope that whenever I did get to read it, I should want to read it a second and third time again. I have had it for 12 months, and I have read it 3 times, and I now feel ready to share my reading/enlightenment journey.

After my third read, I realized I had never looked up the word sassy before:

sassy: ˈsasi/: adjective informal lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

Single we know or I do, and satisfied I think I do too. Honestly, it is the sassy I didn’t know what to really make of in relation to ME. There is a me and there is a ME and after my divorce in 2011 I can’t even tell which was living inside and outside my body. Today, over 5 years later, thanks in a very large part to the hundreds of books I have read in the past 3 years, from great authors like Maya Angelou, Iyanla Vanzart, MMH… and up coming ones like my friend June Whittle and several fellow bloggers, the inspirational and motivational messages listened reverently to from Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama … I can say I am well on the scale of ME living inside and outside of my body: Closest I feel to being Sassy; Single and Satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, one day I could get back into a relationship, MMH is actually in a fabulous one now – but I guess the big deal is in embracing and loving your singlehood to the point of being sassy and satisfied enough with you and life as is. I think you contribute best to a relationship you go into being whole inside out than otherwise!

What is in this book  Disclaimer: I don’t know what happened to the formatting, just bear with me am no techy

This book is about Love! Wow wow wow… MMH takes us through her personal journey of finding, keeping and sharing love. With who? First with herself; jointly with God; and then with the world; and then with whoever came next by God’s Grace. In this book, no one came next but that was ok for then. The most important she shares in this book is her journey to loving the marvellous mess she had made of herself, and of realising and accepting and surrendering it all to God who in his Awesome Almightiness revealed to her that she had every right to be Sassy; Single and Satisfied until her next chapter as He would will.

MMH uses her knowledge of the bible and much more, to teach us and share with us much of what she has learnt and now knows about Love – and Men – and Lovingly Living with Yourself all through the process of Life. Maybe I am gradually becoming a very intense person or am just being so really ME and sharing same in all vulnerability – but I have no regrets whatsoever.

This is another of those books I can’t do any justice to with any rating or review: has hit me as hard as the Four Agreement and Taking The Mask Off. Before I got married, I never really contemplated what being single meant and how I felt about it. I actually lived that stage of my life out waiting for the next boy friend/man/relationship … a very tiny and near insignificant me to my eyes and mind lived inside my body and I even at one point thought of discarding that body completely from the face of this earth. I can never forget that. This explains my total Gratitude to all who have helped me along my journey to ME. I hope this book does something to anyone who picks it up especially the single women in the house.

About the Author


Michelle McKinney Hammond is the author of over 30 books on living, loving, and overcoming. She is the President and Founder of HeartWing Ministries, which hosts annual DIVA Weekend Getaway Conferences. As a relationship and empowerment coach, internationally known speaker, singer and television co-host, it is Michelle’s mission and passion to help women and men to first be intimately connected to God and then empowered to become their personal best in order to experience victory in every area of their lives.

Michelle’s ministry began many years ago when she suffered a devastating leg injury from being hit by a car. The accident was a spiritual turning point, a wake up call to embrace her purpose and fulfill her destiny. Those bedridden months gave her time to complete her first bestselling book, “What to Do Until Love Finds You.”
Michelle eventually left behind her career as an advertising art director/writer/producer for clients such as Coca Cola USA, McDonald’s Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and others, to speak to audiences, encouraging people to fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

Brief from Day 1 of Limbe Getaway

It was a beautiful but bumpy ride

Holla all, just sharing these images from Day 1. Am saving my fingers to type away another chapter of my memoir

How closer could the motel be to the ocean?
That bridge was to lead to nearby Equatorial Guinea
Monument of Alfred Saker, 1st missionary to settle here. My high school is named after him
Leaving for workouts in the nearby botanic gardens



Happy for the work out in the gardens
Settling down with the breeze to write some more

Wishing us all happy moments 🙂

Making my way to my maiden Me getaway in Cameroon

Enjoying me the bus ride à la Camerounaise 🙂

Holla, hurray, today is Friday and am flying high with contentement and yes satisfaction. Hmm, I am going with my best friend within, to the seaside city of Limbe – previously known as Victoria: what does that tell you about its fame?


Ok let’s start from somewhere right? It’s been almost a year now since I discovered my soul bestie, and oh my we have so much catching up to do, to think we were together all along and yet couldn’t even look at ourselves in the mirror? Often saying more hurtful things to the self than otherwise!!!


So, our ME treats have taken us through several corners and special joints in Europe and USA, and there’s been such tremendous improvements in our relationship, punctuated with so much self-love, self-esteem, self-acceptance and you name the rest…

Therefore, I definitely wasn’t planning on stopping those Me treats on my return to Cameroon almost 4 months ago right? There was yet so much to do in the meantime, and even resources to figure out and I just kept hope in one piece. True all ain’t in place yet, but since never in this world can one ever honestly conclude that all is in place, I’ll do what I gotta do when I can because yes I can!!!

And I seriously think I need to getaway now no matter how brief that’ll be. I have so much catching up to do with my writing and it’s so difficult to write in the midst of just so much activity. No doubt Maya Angelou checked into a motel with a few stuffs including a bottle of cherry. Wished I had one or even drank that 🙂

Dear world, although I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I really need grace to wade through some funnel. It’s coming up slowly but surely, and so am looking forward to making the most of my maiden me treat. I sure will share sights and sounds with y’all, and who knows if I’ll finish my draft? Reste à savoir 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

I am a Transcontinental Mother…


I am a Transcontinental Mother
What do you think this is?
Who dares brand herself one?
Tell me how you go about this?
Can you suckle a baby as such?
Can you soothe some tears?
Tell me how you can clean a bruise?
Nor attend any events?
For goodness sake, what kind of specie is this?
I will dare console, mothering is one big feat
A feat with such guilt
Guilt at not being a mother
Guilt at becoming a mother
Guilt at not being a good mother
And yet, I have come to realize mothering with love, even from across the ocean, is possible
I admit I had to flee for a while to realize that
But in the meantime, I am giving transcontinental mothering my best shot
and oh how glad I am, that soon and very soon a transcontinental mother I’ll be no more!!!
P.S This poem is my heartfelt way of rounding up what I consider mother’s month. Mother’s day is celebrated on different dates accross the globe, and in my country Cameroon it’s on the last sunday of May. One of the chapters of my recently published memoirs, is on Finding Strength as a Transcontinental Mother. Happy Mother’s Day to all once more!!! I hope my three musketeers here below, come to one day truly empathize with their mummy! My first son graduated from Primary School yesterday and all I could do was cry tears of joy and sadness!!!
For them I thrive amidst my challenges
For them I thrive amidst my challenges
My own boy!
My own boy!

Me Treats in full Bloom …

Somebody seems to be enjoying her own company now.

To watch the movie or take in the architecture?
To watch the movie or take in the architecture?
Even just being in there is worth the 10 euros per movie
Even just being in there is worth the 10 euros per movie

So, there is this beautiful movie hall I once was taken to to watch none other then 12 years a … (fill in the blanks). I have since wanted to return there. But oops, if you have been following some of my thrilling personal sagas on this blog, you should know how whoopingly single I found myself for Christmas and thereafter.

Nevertheless, I am doing much much better and started some chemical experiments to appease my brainology. That is how last weekend I found my way to Brugge, and the next day to Antwerp. I must admit R&R (rest and recuperation for expats – am none though), consumed pretty much of the Monday which followed. Glad to be able to work from home.

Now, although I don’t need reasons for Me Treats, it’s just coincided that there are always some. For last weekend, the trips were partly motivated by some wonderful birthday gift from the Belgian Government in the form of 1st class train tickets: No joke, here is evidence:

What a birthday gift indeed
What a birthday gift indeed

Today, I just finished editing my 90 page (21.000k) thesis and I was like, are you gonna go to bed now or keep toying with You tube? Hell no sweet, I cuddled myself – on my marks – I get ready – and I go. The movie I have selected is an ironical one. A couple divorcing with each trying all he/she can to avoid custody of the kids. Hmm

In the meantime, dear gentle readers and followers, I am gone. As long as this groove last, I’ll Me Treat well and proper; and YOU?