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Joys & Challenges of Single Motherhood: My Story P3

The winning team: The joys outweigh the challenges big time

Hello world, the weekend is here and as I promised when I started sharing my single motherhood journey, here is the part three on some joys and challenges. The joys outweigh the challenges although for this post I kept the number for pro and con equal.

When you get lemons in life, do the best lemonade you can and look out for profit.

Shalom and happy weekend to us all


All the Single Mothers… Here’s my part two

Being a single mother or parent is not for the faint of heart PERIOD

Kindly visit miraculous ladies for P2 of my story. If you missed P1, here you go

Have a nice weekend and here is to all the single mothers… all the single parents

Amen…it lasted not even a week…my prodigal son is back


Oh hello my e world, an update and some food for thought for the weekend maybe?

Last week, I shared here how I decided by Faith and not by Fear to let my last son go live with his dad and make his own experience.

Well, the experience lasted not even a week. My youngman is back home safe and sound as of the 25th. He is sure he got it. You needed to hear him pray last night, we were all so happy and had a pancake party.

Sometimes, when we let go and let Love and Faith Lead, the return is hundredth fold. It is that leap into the unknown which is so scary. We fight albeit mentally and emotionally to stay in control, to have it our way, to feel or face no pain, hurt, embarrassment you name it.

I mean this is history repeating itself. I equally left my mum to go live with my dad and survived 3 months before coming back home. Yes, there are some like myself (and my son) who will want to put their hand on the fire and make their own experience. After all, that flame may burn you and teach you some invaluable first hand (aid) lessons, or warm up your  determination further to get it right next time.

It was tough going to leave him there, but it was so glorious going to bring my young man back. Motherhood ain’t easy, parenting equally, but above all parenting solo ain’t the least; but by God’s Grace I am trying my best. I equally have such amazing and unconditional support from my family and friends, I am beyond grateful.

And so dear all, do we take anything from here? Do we have any to share?

Wishing us all a happy weekend

There goes my Gaby after my own heart 🙂