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Talking about kids+talents: May I introduce OTANG The Rap Princess from Cameroon

With the above clip, and in light of this week’s theme on my blog about children and their amazing talents, I wish to introduce OTANG The Rap Princess from Cameroon Africa.

Its been just 3 months since I discovered this free style of hers on Facebook…and you can tell I was mesmerized to the point of contacting her manager to offer pro bono legal services for when the big deals start coming lol – and bet ya they are here already. Miss OTANG DA GAME CHANGER is already the “Brand Ambassador of the Voice of Hope International Foundation”.

Recently on promotion in Yaounde the capital city – invited to some prominent shows and all such great platforms, she took time out to reach out to the less privileged kids on the streets.


And so, her EP was recently released in grand style, and is currently making waves in Cameroon.

OTANG is a brand and voice to be watched and I hope some big labels sign her on early before the deal skyrockets…read more about this Game Changer on the awesome 237Showbiz site right here.


OTANG is my heroine no joke, I can’t wait to meet her in person and get my own selfie while the celebrity train is still within my reach o

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Reinventing myself and other updates from my Garden


Hello world,

I had decided not to blog this week or at least today, but well here I am doing just that. Blogging which I started three years ago out of a ‘deep soulful need’ without a clue what it was all about, or the world I was getting into, has today become a part of me. It is a source of pleasure, therapy, solidarity, sorrow and on and on… But, it keeps me grounded somehow and I have discovered such an awesome e-family I would have missed out on regretfully had I not embarked on this journey.

I have been working hard since morning and don’t have it in me to link posts and go into details; but I want to share with you dear world that I am reinventing myself because I am discovering that I have so many gifts in myself – it will just be so wrong, so ungrateful and so stingy not to put those talents to use.

1) I am writing a script for a movie on Stigma – precisely revolving around persons living with epilepsy in a village and yes well bringing out the work of my brother’s foundation my target was 90 pages of a good story and I am at 77 pages of what I can be seriously proud of. I have never written a movie script before but thanks to you tube, I have learnt so much along the line and was so happy to see that even before I got to you tube I was so much on track;

2) Fully convinced my gift is writing, I am already sketching another book, this time not a memoir perse but one I know is highly needed in our society especially by me… I will be writing from a woman’s perpective of course and I want to try to scratch this conventional mountain of society which puts so much burden on women to be good wives and house keepers… The topic will be sort of a question: “Are you Husband Material?” – I have sure been reading lots of books a usual and just finished some of Steve Harvey’s no chasers and etc;

3) I saw my long goal vision again today, to be a powerful motivational speaker and a life coach. I know my society and know the impact I will make. I am waiting for God’s time and in the meantime I keep developing myself, learning so much from wherever, and doing what ever it is I am currently doing to the best of my ability.

As TD Jakes advices: Enjoy your Journey… I am doing just that and really pray I have no distractions because all I aim to do is for the Glory of God and for a meaningful contribution to mankind… it’s never really been about the money for me but I knnow his Grace and Providence will always follow me all the days of y life…

Wishing us all the best