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What do you Treasure: How and How much do you treasure it?

Last outing before fasting
Last outing on the eve of my spiritual journey

I remember writing a chapter titled Alain my Treasure in my very first memoir. This Alain in not Alain my son, He was a boyfriend. The relationship over, I moved on to find another treasure. I have dabbled to call two others my treasures again since then before the final enlightenment…

What am I trying to say, we all (at least majority), seek something to cherish here below, to consider our treasure. In yester years, I sought that in men and sex was a good – welcome part of the search. Oh how I blundered and sauntered – strolling miserably through life with no particular direction and near losing my mind…

Could I have so failed to think I could be my own treasure?

And so, when I came to find the one and only true love I could ever truly possess here below; the infinite source from which I could genuinely give to all others on my path; the love that had been buried deep within thanks to all the happenings of life regardless of their source, I couldn’t stop crying.


And who am I? I already got the answer to this one, thank God – my source of all…

So, how do I take care of my treasure? In 5 lines shall I?

  1. I keep it healthy and happy; no junk food, thoughts, actions or reactions so help me God;
  2. I protect it from toxic relationships regardless of off or online, I have that power;
  3. I keep it clean and free from fear, worry, and all such in between;
  4. I nurture it each and every moment by appreciating it and sharing its shine for in giving we receive;
  5. I commit it to its great purpose as designed by the creator itself – by Grace I have found my path and purpose; even if I still have a long way to go; am in a much much better place and grateful for the purification journey just started.

And how much do I treasure myself, oh I am grateful to be alive – to not have left in 2009 when I picked up that knife– Thank you Lord

Dear all, in the above picture taken on the eve of my purification journey, I was on my way out to a birthday where I ate meat for hopefully my last time. I am a vegetarian now for health and spiritual reasons – and yes because that is good in safeguarding my treasure.

And so this morning for breakfast (day 1 of 3 days break) I fed my treasure the following: Small plate of mixed veggie salad, a bowl of soybean pap with some rice, ginger/turmeric tea with honey and a banana. I make much tea and keep in the flask to drink as needed during the day for my small cold lol



May I therefore encourage you to find yours and take good care of same…


When your trash becomes someone’s treasure: Who should you take that out on?

Hello World, 

This lady here who blogs her heart and soul out especially since she got the bug, is getting happier by the day. Indeed, I have changed a gread deal; I have fewer of those moments when I simply don’t have it in me or don’t care about what goes on, I look more and more forward to living wholy if my mandate around permits. In a week, I turn 38 and oh my could I believe I could someday be a man’s treasure? I mean even just orally? Come on all, I have dealt with so much emotional trauma in my life and so I can even if only temporarily let my spirits be lifted this high. And when I think I was told off as trash and treated maybe even worse than trash by another man some years ago?


So now, without going so much around… let me gist you a little bit about my new self… Ok, the same me, the shaggy one who writes just anything which pops into her skull, who works out like she’s sick (I was even told I could be HIV +), who has messed up countless times, is now told even if only on social media, that she’s awesome, impressive, lovely and etc. I am not actinh on any of those flirting, but at least a good starting point I acclaim.

Candidly, I personally know I am worth all of that and much more. I tell myself such affirmative talk each day because I know by Faith I am the best for me and I am unconditionally loved by my Almighty Father. But to be told this by a someone else, keeps its own special warmth inside out too 🙂

So, who do you take it out on when you see your trash become someone’s treasure?

That is what I seem to be becoming (some man’s treasure); and it makes me wonder more on what I have also come to observe. That when a man has trashed a woman out (of her witts) and trashed her out of his house, he hardly thinks anyone should pick that trash up and clean it up, or start treasuring same; most of such a man goes wild. I mean we have all probably read of those who throw acid on the women so that nobody has them again right? And the ‘honour killings’ and incesant blackmail and other psychological torture. Precisely on the 2nd, my ex went on one of his sms rampages telling me all he’s ever said before and more, all because I couldn’t reach the kids and dared sms him. He had once again seized my son’s phone which I got him. I ignored him, better still, I told him to man up and tell me that to my face – I actually showed up at his house – daring him to call the cops – but ofcourse he stayed indoors. I checked on my kids and left. Could he still be dealing with so much loathing for me – or himself maybe? 

Ok now, who is he gonna take it out on when he sees me another person’s treasure – or even hears about that? I never thought of taking anything out of him even if I may also have treated him poorly, maybe because I wished him so much well – was glad to learn that he’s remarried and moving on even in fatherhood.

Why all the hate, why all the trying to treat others as trash in the first place?

Maybe we should start from here I dare suggest, I now see why I hated some people at some point in my life. I hated my life as it was and thought to hold others responsible. Maybe they didn’t treat me right, but was I treating myself right? I know when you are under someone’s responsiblity say as a kid, you don’t have a choice – but am talking about adults here and under normal circumstances. As to treating people like trash, I have never consciously and directly treated someone as such – I don’t consider my infidelities as treating my ex as trash… Anyway, the past for me is past and am not seeking to take anything out on anybody at all. I am seriously Sassy, Single and Satisfied to live and live the bloom out…

All the best from my crew and I;

Now over to you, any such experience to share?