Two speechless drawings from my sons make my day

Not overstating or taking moods imbalances for granted, but I have been having a tough time for a couple of days now. I know I am tougher, and these drawings make my day today.

I am ever grateful for my sons and I love them unconditionally

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My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel is the best of all Angels

She guarded me even when I wildered

She guarded me when I returned home to nest

She embalms me in that feeling

One you feel when in tune with you

My Grardian Angel listens to my all

She validates and teaches with gentleness

Takes me as I am 

With my all and all and all

Leads me and lets me

Do and bring out my best

In the company of my Guardian Angel

I will fear no evil

For she is with me

To light and guide

With unconditional love and care

I do believe in Miracles

Ask and it shall be given to you

Seek and you will find

Knock and the door will be opened

And now I make my vow

Whatever happens

My Guardian Angel she’ll always be

P.s: In immense gratitude to the universe for the best gift of the season and much more

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The Season’s bells are ringing: Peace & Joy are my watchwords

Hello all,

Soon another 365 days again to add to our personal and collective archives. It’s been one huge one for me, near roller I must admit, with some very pleasant surprises I definitely wasn’t sure could come my way…

One of this is meeting the one I call my Guardian Angel, in circumstances I couldn’t anticipate. A little gist right? I sought for help to deal with a case of mental health at the office, I was referred to someone but last minute I didn’t want to go again. I thank my angels who gently guarded me to my Guardian Angel…

You know how you can feel when loved and supported unconditionally, when treasured and taken just as you are, when near 99% of your checklist is ticked off, when …you feel peace and joy?

So, why wouldn’t those be my watchwords for this season and thereafter? Shouldn’t I share same and wish us all the best?

That’s all I was prescribed, and it’s an over the counter with no side effects even if overdosed

I don’t know if I can take and maintain a blog break but I’ll see how that goes. The boys also finished the 1st term cool yesterday and, even if our beloved Grandma with the stick (for the boys) and Mami Mami (for myself) left us, we are peaceful and joyful.

Wishing us all the BEST!!!