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Steady for Stage 2 of my Purification/Spiritual Journey


How much more serene, peaceful and happy will the next 14 days be? See you on the 15th day and thanks for all the wishes. I have faith in the fast, I treasure my treasure so much, and love the path I see in the horizon carefully charted just for me. The entire path may be daunting, the journey initially lonely, the steps shaky – but in God I Trust and believe in Angels…

My sons, my GA and some of you have been so supportive! I am so grateful and carry everyone in my thoughts…

I have given up a lot including my choice to be angry like when someone stepped on my toes at the market, I can’t even raise my voice again anyhow hahaha

I have lost some relationships already, some are now simply put most shallow. That’s the price you pay when you don’t know how to belong or care about what others say, think or do in reaction to your actions be they for personal growth…which they sadly see as selfish, weird or self-absorbed…hush lady enough now, there we go… What did you learn from the movie The Shift by Dr Dyer?


What do you Treasure: How and How much do you treasure it?

Last outing before fasting
Last outing on the eve of my spiritual journey

I remember writing a chapter titled Alain my Treasure in my very first memoir. This Alain in not Alain my son, He was a boyfriend. The relationship over, I moved on to find another treasure. I have dabbled to call two others my treasures again since then before the final enlightenment…

What am I trying to say, we all (at least majority), seek something to cherish here below, to consider our treasure. In yester years, I sought that in men and sex was a good – welcome part of the search. Oh how I blundered and sauntered – strolling miserably through life with no particular direction and near losing my mind…

Could I have so failed to think I could be my own treasure?

And so, when I came to find the one and only true love I could ever truly possess here below; the infinite source from which I could genuinely give to all others on my path; the love that had been buried deep within thanks to all the happenings of life regardless of their source, I couldn’t stop crying.


And who am I? I already got the answer to this one, thank God – my source of all…

So, how do I take care of my treasure? In 5 lines shall I?

  1. I keep it healthy and happy; no junk food, thoughts, actions or reactions so help me God;
  2. I protect it from toxic relationships regardless of off or online, I have that power;
  3. I keep it clean and free from fear, worry, and all such in between;
  4. I nurture it each and every moment by appreciating it and sharing its shine for in giving we receive;
  5. I commit it to its great purpose as designed by the creator itself – by Grace I have found my path and purpose; even if I still have a long way to go; am in a much much better place and grateful for the purification journey just started.

And how much do I treasure myself, oh I am grateful to be alive – to not have left in 2009 when I picked up that knife– Thank you Lord

Dear all, in the above picture taken on the eve of my purification journey, I was on my way out to a birthday where I ate meat for hopefully my last time. I am a vegetarian now for health and spiritual reasons – and yes because that is good in safeguarding my treasure.

And so this morning for breakfast (day 1 of 3 days break) I fed my treasure the following: Small plate of mixed veggie salad, a bowl of soybean pap with some rice, ginger/turmeric tea with honey and a banana. I make much tea and keep in the flask to drink as needed during the day for my small cold lol



May I therefore encourage you to find yours and take good care of same…

Where does your Peace come from …?


I once read a memoir written by one of my heroines called Iyanla Vanzart. The book which was titled Peace from Broken Pieces… was a very intense memoir which took us via the author’s journey to find peace after she had seemingly ‘gained’ so much, only to lose twice as much including her daughter and all time soul buddie. I was no doubt left shaken when I read that and realized that it was possible to pull through after going through so much in life, and to find peace. (reminds me to do that book review…)

Peace I seek, peace is all I want to give. More than every material possession, my priciest possession is my peace. When I lose it even for a second, I can’t vouch neither for my ‘holistic wellbeing’ nor what I can offer to anyone else even in terms of the least courteous relationship.

At the 3 day spiritual retreat I just completed, peace kept coming up because each time I’ll admit I was in search of peace. My spiritual director asked about when I felt so nervous and turned to food for comfort, didn’t that bring any peace? I said no. He asked if my friends didn’t help? I said no. He asked if even my sons didn’t bring me peace and joy? I agreed they did for some time but I equally admitted to getting irritated with them and how I sometimes bought them stuffs so they should focus on that and let me find some peace in my aloneness. Gradually, with his direction, I came to realize and admit that peace could never come from without.

The times in my life when I had ever felt peace, it was because I was spiritually whole above all. It never had to do with my material standing or even who my partner or friends where nor what they thought about me. Even my family in both the nuclear and extended sense could not bring me peace. No Fame nor Fortune, Friends nor Foes oh my nothing from the exterior could give or bring me peace…

Aha, my Peace came from making peace with my Almighty Father. No matter what seemed to be my outward show of strength, stability and even shape, I went through real tough times of restlessness within – synonymous to having no peace of mind and mine… No doubt I couldn’t give Peace… all my deeds brought such headaches and heartaches I was damned and almost thought myself doomed…

But alas… there it dawned on me… I could finally answer Father’s question when on the 28th of of October I felt such peace I had not felt in years. I had just made an amazingly big peace with my Almighty Father, He who had never relented/nor given up on me; and who like the Prodigal Father was watching out for my return. Father I cried, MY PEACE COMES FROM WITHIN! Alleluia I was Rahabilitated and I was rightly the woman in Jn 8 v 1-11…

My spiritual director helped me to see that peace doesn’t need any material attachments. The evidence is that, on that day I was ‘bare’. In a very modest surrounding, with the barest necessity and away from all the ‘vibes’ of modern day life, yet I could find such peace I hadn’t found even the previous day in the same setting, nor the previous years in far better off settings.

Dear all, the Peace I now have is really that one of total Abandonment to my Almighty Father’s will. I will in the coming days share with you my legacy and prayer written on that day. Oh how I have so much Peace now, the type that surpasses human understanding. Materially, financially, socially I am struggling; but spiritually I am riding high and I know that He who is in me, What I have in me, is stronger than anything that can come against me or seem daunting as is. Peace indeed be Still Marie it is well with your soul…

Oh join me praise my Almighty Father as you reflect on where your peace comes from… Shalom

Today is the feast of all souls… I thinl of my brother dearest Gabriel but I have peace within and the pain is sipping and sipping away with each passing day



Meeting Sherry and drinking same

When for an introduction picture I have not one photo but a gallery, it means I am short of words. Yet, the writer in me will type on…

Sherry my Heroine

Sherry and I in Vienna, Austria 2013
Sherry and I in Vienna, Austria 2013

I met Sherry in Vienna in 2013 and fell in awe of Sherry. The above is a photo we took at a Diversity Ball and you could read the post I did on Sherry back then. Could I imagine then I’ll ever set foot in America? I mean after three denials of this ‘prestigious’ visa? Could I dream I was going to be invited by Sherry to spend a night at her place? And ride her “Mercedez bicycle” while she bravely made it on her son’s?  What kind of luck or charm do I have for such good tidings?

Once Sherry read on facebook that I was coming here, she invited me over to spend a night with her. She said she was going biking just then, and I playfully asked if we could do it together when I came. Oh my, Sherry said yes! I was in bliss, and I really wish I could swim – there was this cool pool in her complex:

Wishing I could Swim
Wishing I could Swim

Biking in Arlington and drinking Sherry

Arlington, Crystal Palace, hmm for an MJC and a newbee biker. I did it, only telling Sherry later how scared of ‘screwing up I was’. Biked 30 minutes on the Sunday I got there, and one good hour on Monday Morning. And then there was my meeting with China. We went for each other the minute I walked in there, and she cuddled on my feet as I enjoyed my sleep. And yes before sleeping relunctantly that night from exhaustion, I devoured from Sherry’s barbecue, ate sweet potatoes (which I could never dream was eaten out here), and drank Sherry. Probably a first time too for drinking sherry, cause I don’t recall ever told I was drinking that 🙂

We equally had some real woman to woman conversations, and I just don’t know what to do to show Sherry how much all that meant to me!

and that wasn’t all to this invitation…

One other good tiding

Now, I had met a professor in Spain the previous month at a workshop, and he said we could have lunch if he were in the US when I came. So now here I am and I find myself on a Monday in no other city but Arlington where he lives. Oh my once more, he picks me up, takes me to some Island not far from the RR Airport, shows me a place or two like the Pentagon and co, and treats me to some deli salad.

Island on the way to Alexandria close to the RR airport
Island on the way to Alexandria close to the RR airport

Someone really tell me how to say thank you!!!

I don’t know why I had not written this post before, maybe I was saving it for the weekend. But now, after meeting Richie, Marilyn, and my own Shoop baby, it was all too good not to share and keep saying thank you to my stars and angels. This weekend is coming up with activities and although the coming week will be emotional as I go to Boston (where my brother toiled and died),  I am sure going to smile when I think of my angels like Sherry…

Dear gentle readers and followers, count your blessings name them one by one… keep record of such good tidings cause they’ll cheer you up in those dark moments which are equally sure to rode around

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way