Don’t give up: Workout motivation

#workoutmotivation am not actually motivated today. I have put on some weight and also feel . But, u-hu I have to forge ahead and keep the body bouncy and the mind merry. I will be happier psychologically and thank God am not obsessed about my weight or shape etc. I am free to embrace me as, even if I wish/pray/sweat for another me lol. So, all in all don’t give up even on days you wake up and don’t feel like oooooooo #dontgiveup #thereishope #gratefulthankfulblessed #mymentalhealthmatters


Watch “Day 160: Grateful Heart Psalm 9:1” on YouTube

The Grace of a Grateful Heart. This is what I have, this is what I encourage we have, this is what I pray for daily. Our journeys here below can be much more fulfilling if we let our hearts seek and feel and speak forth more of the gratefulness for all the wonders of Daddy God in our lives, than of the shenanigans and distractions of the devil and his agents/enemies of progress hovering around oooooo Hallelujah. Have a wonderful new week, Min MAG

Mother’s day around the world is all year round hurray

#mothersday2022  #joysofmotherhood Ok, well Mother’s day is every day. Look at the following and wish all motherd in those countries happy Mother’s day on those days hahahaha #gratefulthankfulblessed

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers who:
1) Are doing it all alone without the support of the men who made them mother’s;
2) All the mothers who are so lonely because their darling husband’s have left this world;
3) To all the mothers who though still married are so alone in the whole process;
4) To all the mothers who are fighting to bond with their babies and children due to one mental health condition or the other;
5) To all the mothers who feel less than because they had their babies in the so called ‘non-conventional’ way;
6) To all the mothers raising kids not theirs biologically but still being the best they mother they can be;
7) To all the mothers in waiting, you are a mother at heart and You are already mothering yourself so we’ll
Loads of love to us all

Watch “Did you know God could help you self express with knowledge, understanding and wisdom? Pvbs 4:5-7.” on YouTube

Did you know so much help for life and the best way to express yourself through it all was available in Christ? That God could help you acquire so much wisdom, knowledge and understanding? When you seek you will find. I sought and I found and I just can’t keep quiet again oOoOO. Happy Sunday world, Min MAG

Watch “Day 159: Expressing Feelings: Ephesians 5:15-16” on YouTube

How many of us grew up stuffing our feelings, not understanding them or not knowing how to express them in a way that will help and not hurt? I have almost always been able to feel my feelings, but the processing and expressing of these feelings in a healthy and Godly way was challenging for years. By God’s Amazing Grace I am proud of where I am in my journey today with all this. May my day’s muse inspire motivate and encourage you hallelujah. Have a serene Sunday world, Min MAG

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Watch “Day 158: Expressing Love; 1 Ephs 4:2” on YouTube

Love is really the greatest virtue and yet we sometimes get so stuck and outright frustrated because we don’t seem to get it right. We don’t seem to be expressing love to each other the way the other needs to or is willing to receive that love, and gbaam relationships collapse and more scars needing healing. I muse on this today and have learned so much from my various relationships (all types not only romantic ones lol). I hope my muse inspires motivates and encourages. I am so blessed to be on this journey, I wish everyone so much in their respective journeys of life oooooo Amen. Have a great weekend world, Min MAG

Watch “Day 157: Actionable Love 1 John 3:18” on YouTube

Don’t tell me you love me, show me you love me. I have passed feelings, actions are what I focus on more. I travelled all night mindful of some rain and co, to come spend a much needed weekend with my dad. We both know it’s all about love in action hurray. God bless all our endeavours to make our love actionable as recommended by 1 John 3:18 Hallelujah. Happy weekend world, Min MAG