My pearls are precious and fill me with peace today

It’s been a roller coaster 5 or so days and I was both physically and mentally disturbed. Just when I thought I was 95% recovered, I found myself holding space for a few ladies who were going through stuffs…as my PTSD got triggered yesterday, I felt the irritation rise and knew sports and dem pearls had to rescue me today.

And then I got to dem pearls and have the following message for us all:

#mentalhealthmatters Put your pearls on and push through any pain with a purpose… Don’t let that challenge and shenanigan dim your glow…sweat the stuffs and keep smiling like myself…contact me if you want dem pearls in any colour
#gritandgrace #gratefulthankfulblessed

I am struggling this week but showing myself compassion

#motherhoodunplugged #thebodykeepsthescore #unmotivated #mymentalhealthmatters I have been on a roller coaster since Monday and I haven’t put in any workout since then too. I wanted to be this vulnerable to keep it real. Not all days or weeks etc will be positive thinking and plenty motivation and all. As a single mother to four, sometimes I get so overwhelmed even the tears don’t come. So I decided to let my body and hopefully bubbly 易 be this week (just kidding for the brain part). I have some soul wins this week too, and for that I am

Early birds it’s ok to be US; weirdos it’s ok to be US

#neurodiveegent #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness Any advantages and disadvantages of getting up at a ‘witching hour’? Hahahahahaha Ask me more
I remember the poem I wrote entitled it’s ok. it’s ok to be different. It’s ok to be an introvert, it’s ok to be an extrovert I mean Ambivert and etc etc it’s ok. It’s ok to be YOU…Binary, non binary, straight, gay, queer, intersex etc etc…what are we doing with all the ‘Otherings’ and judgments and trying to force people to conform? I have embraced my bubbly 易 which hardly knows weekends are for sleep ins or late night movies and co. I can be a slug date for a 9 pm movie…I struggled in Brussels and slept a lot of the times in the movie hall hahahahaha. Maybe at the theatre the laughter would keep me awake but as soon as we got into the car or tram, I passed out….yes because this brain that I got has it’s own 易 and it’s own central ⏰ and am not going to fight it ooooooo
#selfawareness #selfloveisthebestlove #selfcare #selfadvocacy #gratefulthankfulblessed