Getting a World Pulse spirit Award means a lot to me

I was related to receive an email that I was an Awardee of a World Pulse spirit Award as an activator. I have been on World Pulse since October 2018 and it’s so good to be on such a sisterhood platform where your voice and story matter.

Check out more on the announcement in the below instagram post, and you might want to register for the virtual celebration and also get to know more about World Pulse


Reality Check: Public Psychiatric Services in my city

#realitycheck what’s the service to expect in a public Psychiatric unit with one psychiatrist for a population of I can’t count? It’s just 6:42 am and we met like 30 other books there. The shrink might come and say his cap for today is 30 and we will have to go home and come two days later or next week if that’s the roster. And since it’s a follow up consultation, if we don’t get consulted today we’ll have to pay to be seen next week. Now admitted I had worked here and can play small privilege fiddle, but what about those who don’t know no one and are really sick but poor and can’t afford private services? This is the reality in my city and although there are probably some missionary health units who provide Psychiatric services, it’s much farther from me, and it was the best decision I could advice given the time, circumstances and resources available. Do I need to talk about the time the consultations will actually start and the service and etc? My sister brought her lunch knowing she might leave here this evening hahahahaha. I will try my best and leave the rest to God. Am currently standing in some corner for there are not even enough benches for the patients with one of them already broken (maybe the same one I left two years ago lol). I also hope rain didn’t enter into the shrink’s office if not that will have to be cleaned up first before he starts consulting hahahahaha (that’s how I started my internship here). Can I say again #thereishope please ooooooo #mentalhealthmatters