A soulful gratitude message to all frontliners by young Nathan


Nathan shares a soulful gratitude tube to his mum and all frontliners. Thank you for thanking us all and the frontliners in particular. You know your moral support to mummy also gives her the motivation to get going every day.

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Are you part of the broken educational system?

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Muse with MAG: Do you think you are part of the educational system? P1 (15.06.2020) Hey world am glad to be back sharing my muses. The last one I shared was exactly 14 days ago on June 01 wow…what a muse hiatus that was, with so much going on in the world and courage systems just being challenged over and over. Talking about one of these systems, the educational system we all cry about in different ways, do you think you are part of that system and could do something to 'fix the broken system'. A power sister of mine I just can't describe all in this muse, Google Fotabe Elmine Cameroon, wrote an op-ed on that and I just share part of that and leave it at this for today… "I totally agree with the views put forward by EDUCOLOGY, that: To be an education system, * it does not have to be a formal school or a university system ( it can be a home), * teachers do not need to be licensed and formally educated adults (they can be parents and other opinion leaders); * students are not restricted to those in school or universities ( they can include everyone reading this post), * the context does not need to be a school building or a campus ( it can be social media 🤦🏼‍♀️); * the content does not need to be subject matter typically taught in schools and universities–e.g., math, science, history, biology, music, etc.( it can include all the conversations we’re having and not having today)". Anyways, dear reader, what do you do think of this all? In my next muse I will reflect on what we could start or stop doing considering the above. God bless us all and have a great week AMEN #Iamfreedomandlove #IamMAGnectic #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGisintentional #MAGtakesthelead #AttitudeofGratitude #justfollowurheart #mentalhealthmatters

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Disability is not inability…my son inspires some more

I am sharing this inspirational video by my own son Alain Michel once again because he talks about about disability using his recent experience and how this didn’t limit him from pursuing his basketball passion. May we all be inspired, motivated and encouraged OOOOOO. Thanks for viewing, liking, sharing and subscribing as the heart leads lol

FEAR and school resumption back here; I Muse some

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Muse with MAG: What do you do with fear? (01.06.2020) I personally talk to fear and then face it. I was watching a segment by Iyanla V on OWN YT channel called 'FEAR NOT' yesterday, and she resumed thus: We shouldn't avoid fear; we shouldn't deny fear; we should confront fear. This morning, I took my last son aged 10 to school (it's the official resumption day for them). I also went for a 50mins power walk, the first since 'stay home' measures were imposed in my country last March 17th. I am full of faith, I remain hopeful and do appreciate the breathe I have. I refuse to live in Fear if it means to FOLD EVERYTHING AND RUN. To me FEAR means FACE EVERTHING AND RISE. Anyways, dear reader, what do you do with fear? God bless us all and have a great week and new month AMEN #Iamfreedomandlove #IamMAGnectic #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGisintentional #MAGtakesthelead #AttitudeofGratitude #justfollowurheart #mentalhealthmatters

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What do you do when your own kids trigger a meltdown?

Yesterday was tough ending day for me. I returned home to an upside down house, no food and seemingly a ‘no care’ trio.

I was triggered and eventually had a meltdown. I did get dinner for the four of us but I was numb. I then went to sleep and it’s 08:08 am my time and I haven’t yet opened my door.

I am much better now and I coped with all of that my own way, by lashing some, crying a lot, doing a live video last night and another one to raise awareness this morning, and yes I had a call with a soul sister too last night.

I am going out now to see them boys, and dunno if to bring this whole episode up or not. It must be hard for our kids too especially with the challenges of the seasons courtesy of Covid-19 pandemic.

Anyways, all is well that ends well. I wish us all the best.

How are your kids coping during this pandemic?

How are your kids coping during this pandemic? My sons have picked up passions such as starting a YouTube  channel for the first one. Below is my write up on his recent video.
#parentingtrenches the boys appreciate Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. Watch Alain Michel and Gabby put this adage into total practice o. Please like, comment, share and subscribe to encourage Alain wow wow wow