Watch “Day 152/Ls6: Characteristics of a Christlike Love 1 Cor 4-8” on YouTube

A Christlike love is how I wish to live it and experience it  oooo. A Love that is Patient and Kind, a love that is envious nor boastful and so much more as mused on in this vlog of mine today. What we expect to receive is what we should give out too. I know it is not easy, but by conscious and intentional efforts, by Grace and more Grace, it is possible. Thank you Papa God for a new month, may it be a memorable one for me and mine filled with so much Christlike Love Amen. Happy new month and happy Sunday world, Min MAG


Watch “Day 148/Ls2: Because God is Love 1Jn 4:16 & Jn 3:16” on YouTube

Day 2 of my love series musing reminds us of both who God is, and why we have to love God with all our all as I mused on Yesterday. God is love and not hate. Anything not out of love cannot be in God’s name oooooo. God loves me and you and us all who believe in Him so unconditionally that John 3:16 is our to go verse on love & sacrifice. So brethen, if God is love and loves us that pure way while living in us, how can we not be instruments of love too? How can we not love ourselves too? Ah God help me ooooo. Help us all Papa Amen. Have a wonderful Wednesday world; Min MAG

Loving and nurturing Children to healing

#loveandhealing #helpingothers #children I love childcare, like since baby I just loved babies. So, when I have children with me especially those who have been through stuffs we wouldn’t even wish on our enemies, I do my best to stuff them up with the best love I can. They will always remember how the felt by you, and that’s also what Love & Healing Ministries Int is all about. God is love and if God lives in us, we can only but love especially love his little ones. I took Stacy’s kids’ to the nearby amusement park yesterday and their glee melted my heart. 2.5hours of play and laughter awwwww. Then cupcakes and ice cream and juice etc, their mum is jealous hahahaha. She can come next time lol. I am grateful for all Angels on my path. I received a whooping 20k for this outing and so today we go out with the big guys for part 2 Hallelujah. #LetGodandLoveLead #gratefulthankfulblessed

Watch “Check out my 1st son’s app on play store oooooo” on YouTube

People really hate wasting time trying to do BODMAS on the price of each item they want to buy. At the supermarket, there is a machine at the checkout to do the BODMAS for you, but what about those times when the machine gives your bill and you discover that you took way more than what you can afford? It is annoying at that moment because now you need to pay more than what you budget or remove something that you might have wanted to buy but must let go.

eShopping Wallet is the tool you need to get away from this pain. With eSW you can now type in the prices of each good you buy in the market or supermarket and get a quick response on your total expenses based on your budget which you also input at the start of your shopping. It operates like the machine at the checkout, that is, you can know exactly how much you spent in total and the balance you shall get at the checkout ASAP all while still doing your shopping activities.

eShopping wallet can be used in the market like an upgraded calculator whereby it can calculate the total price of 20 tomatoes which cost 100fcfa a tomato, 10 carrots at 75fcfa/carrot, 5 pineapples at 800/pineapple, and 20 oranges at 100/orange, but it does not end here because this app will give you your balance based on how much you hold as money in your pocket.

eShopping Wallet works the same way in supermarkets and has a feature that allows users to pay their receipt through mobile money, through MTN, or Orange in the supermarket they are attending.

This feature sends the full mobile money code of the shop with the total expense included and all you need to do is insert your password and you are done. Inserting your code is done at the call app, so do not worry, the app has no access, or permission to see or use your mobile money password.

Download eShopping Wallet now on Playstore on using this link –

and get the best shopping experience, becoming the owner of your expenses.