#5yearson: “I love Thee Belgium but I love My Boys, My Mother and My Motherland Most”


And here am I today five years on…wow wow wow.

I made a big and bold decision, I had no clear plan going back, but I had a big vision.

I am proud of my journey and of all I learned, loved and shared.

I started blogging in Belgium, and it’s definitely come to stay even when I took breaks thinking those will be forever hahahahaha

Mom guilt anyone? How ya dealing & coping?

Mum guilt and Sunday guilt…I have come a long way with these and am just sharing to inspire+motivate+encourage. I was once a transcontinental mother and spent 4 gruelling years away from my kids…this time around I spend lots of Sundays away from them for school and hustle reasons. I have accepted the sacrifices imperative in achieving my goals, and yet sometimes like this morning I can’t help a thought about it all. I just dress up, make up some for added glow (sometimes that outward glow boosts up the inner one too) and them March on. We hold hands and pray before I leave like this morning, and other times we sit on the table and have a kinda service lol. In all, I give thanks because I firmly believe all things work out for the good of God’s own who let God lead…Have a serene Sunday everyone #IamMAG #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGencourages #livelovelaughlearn #attitudeofgratitude #Godgotmyback #jusrfollowurspirit https://www.instagram.com/p/CCiLP2wAW0h/?igshid=szakoal7nd1y

Who determines your worth???

When we place the power to define our worth in someone else’s hands, we are often told that we only want to be wanted. This artificial script leaves us with an extremely narrow role: to be a pleaser.

If we accept society’s definition and remain disconnected from our authentic desires, our lives are drained of meaning, emotionally and financially.

We Cannot Negotiate Our Value Unless We Know Our Worth

We can learn all the techniques available to create mutually beneficial agreements, but cannot even begin a conversation about our value unless we know our worth.



My musing on forgiveness: what u think about forgiveness?

Forgiveness: Is it worth its weight in gold for you?

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Muse with MAG: What do you think about forgiveness? (25.05.2020) I personally think it is worth its weight in gold. I pursue the grace to forgive and move on by the books lol (that's a next expression I learned just yesterday hahahaha). We have probably read and learned a lot about forgiveness, and I just want to share some recent personal experiences of mine. First of all, I look at forgiveness as realisable in 2 scenarios: Forgive and yet move on; Forgive and reconcile. The third and most challenging one is to not forgive and hold on to the bile forever. I don't have space in my soul or spirit for this 3rd option – there is no human being in my life I loathe to a bile and am willing to carry such to my grave yikes – what a burden to bear o. So, I recently forgave 3 different guys in different scenarios and with different outcomes. One well I don't even think my getting upset was worth my heart time. So let that go and whatever will be will be. The second, I don't think I want to understand what really happened but I don't want to carry them in my heart – ain't no space there. So let that go and move on – I deserve better. The third guy I decide to forgive, we reconcile and am ready to commit to what's next. The Peace of God is the ultimate am searching in my life and the serenity + tranquility this brings surpaseth anything anger and etc can ever bring me. And so dear readers, I love the adage that forgiveness is something you do for yourself, for your peace of mind ooooo . Anyways, dear reader, what do you think of Forgive? God bless us all and have a great week AMEN #whatuthinkofforgiveness? #Iamfreedomandlove #IamMAGnectic #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGisintentional #MAGtakesthelead #AttitudeofGratitude #makeitmatter #mentalhealthmatters

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How are you living your life in these moments?

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Muse with MAG: How do you live your life in these moments? (06.04.2020) I know it is stressful to even be thinking about some stuffs now as if we got plenty choice. For example if you had ordered clothes and shoes or bags, or had events planned out to organize or attend…This morning in my serene space I reflected on Mother Theresa's book a A Simple Path. I have read an biography of her but didn't get the spiritual sense of her choices. Anyways, tough to make certain ones like I did when I decided I don't want to own above 5 of any dress wear. Where are we even going to wear our underbox saps to nowadays? Simplicity is the order of the day in these moments, and maybe for some it will remain the way they choose to live their lives after this Covid-19 outbreak pandemic. I am grateful to be learning and sharing and making all the choices I am intentionally making in my life now and hopefully thereafter o Amen. And you dear reader? Have a great week mindful of all #howdoyoulivethesemoments? #Iamfreedomandlove #IamMAGnectic #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGisintentional #MAGtakesthelead #AttitudeofGratitude #Acceptitallfirst #mentalhealthmatters

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