Do you feel good in and about yourself?

Do you feel good in and about you? I am invited to a show tomorrow called the Diary on STV Cameroon on “The realities and challenges of a 21st century Cameroonian woman”, and I have been sitting here in the bus thinking about what I want to share – about me. That’s pretty much what I do when I talk or write, I use my personal experiences, my STORY. I found my purpose in life and I seek to fulfil it each moment in whatever way I can. I want to candidly, authentically and even vulnerably talk about my reality and challenges as a 21st century woman in Cameroon (not too sure if am a ‘typical’ Cameroonian woman). I am therefore excited and a little anxious, but above all am determined to pass a real message…They record at 2 pm Friday and it airs at 3:30 pm on Saturday 7th March. Don’t give up on you, work to feel good in and about you o