Don’t give up: Workout motivation

#workoutmotivation am not actually motivated today. I have put on some weight and also feel . But, u-hu I have to forge ahead and keep the body bouncy and the mind merry. I will be happier psychologically and thank God am not obsessed about my weight or shape etc. I am free to embrace me as, even if I wish/pray/sweat for another me lol. So, all in all don’t give up even on days you wake up and don’t feel like oooooooo #dontgiveup #thereishope #gratefulthankfulblessed #mymentalhealthmatters


Showing love to a mentally challenged makes my day

#showlovespreadlove The highest highlight of my today is making friends with a person with a mental health condition and sharing my mambo with him. Pete is his name he says. He asked only for puff puff for 100frs cfa and beans for 100frs cfa awwwwww. When my visit was over and I was leaving, he smiled as I waved…what a handsome young man…what could be Pete’s story? Where could his family be?  I am grateful I could connect with Pete and make him smile some with those red eyes which looked sleep deprived for days if not months. Angels above watch over Pete Amen 殺 #mentalhealthsupport #notostigma #loveinaction #loveandhealing

Food for thought from my musings ooooo

#foodforthought Some talk and then start to cry ; others cry  and then start to talk; while some like myself act and then ✍️ about it all. Good to know thyself oooooo. The hour is coming, and maybe it’s already hear sef hmmmmmmmmm. Make I go hustle me: WOMAN Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh man no run ‍♀️路‍♂️‍♀️

Therapy works; testimonies abound & am simply blessed

#therapistlife #therapyworks #testimony . I am so so grateful for my calling as a therapist and Minister of the Word. Since I started blending the two, it’s been testimony on testimony, and my own fulfillment is more than any hardships doing the work can bring. Last Friday I travelled to Yaounde to work in person with a client who had contacted me a month prior, had a first session and then gave up. They have had a mental health challenge for several years now, and before going I prayed and fasted and spoke with a few people I trust to give me insight, pray for and with me and just hold me space. The testimony from her mother moved me to tears yesterday. If I caught that cold as we exchanged energies at some point, then that was a small price to pay for the recovery journey of such a pretty child of God.  I wish her so much well as we continue our work Amen
I am as always so grateful for all Angels on my path. #dontsufferinsilence #thereishope #thereishelp #dontgiveup #speakout  #gratefulthankfulblessed #letGodandLovelead

PTSD still sucks: My reality today

My unmade up bed at 5:38 pm

#keepingitreal I like to keep it real. I struggle too. That’s my bed since morning I took off the sheets and haven’t put new ones. Some days I do that quickly but today I haven’t been up to that and that’s just ok too. I will get myself to do it before I sleep and nope am not a failure because of that , neither am I afraid or ashamed to share this with world. I refuse to stigmatize myself nor let others do that. #mymentalhealthmatters #notostigma

On the flip side some progress with my weightloss journey

Watch “Are you ready to go to the Mountain for an encounter with God? Exodus 24:12-18” on YouTube

We sometimes complain God is absent from our lives, He is not seeing our predicament and not helping us…are we seeking him and shutting out the noise and distraction some so that He reveals Himself to us? Are we ready to go to the Mountain and be patient and attentive enough for God to reveal Himself and give us instructions we will obediently follow? Or is that too much for the asking? We each have this power to choose, and instead of complaining and blaming God or the Devil or even both haba, let’s take action and then watch the testimony unfold .. anyways, as for me Min MAG I don’t hesitate to go to both real and representative mountains to have my encounter with God o Amen.  Be encouraged someone, it’s never too late while we still breathe Hallelujah

Watch “Therapist MAG 049: The struggle is real, I keep it real & so should you” on YouTube

The struggle is real…keeping it real using my weight loss journey…this is the one but last TherapistMAG series and am proud of how far I have coming while keeping it all so real  Are you currently struggling with something and do not know how to proceed and keep it real through it all? I am an email away. Take care of you, your mental health matters oooooo

Help me help my friend Stacy

#helpme One of the reasons I fasted and prayed during the last 7 days was for my friend Stacy. She is sick of body and mind and I only discovered all that when led by the spirit I spent a night on the floor in her modest abode on the 26/27 of February. I was back there from the 3-5March with some provisions from my home, my church community, one of our mothers and a cash donation from another friend of ours. Stacy needs urgent medical attention and her kids need food and a sound mum. God told me to go ahead and ask for help on my social media platforms, and so here I am. No amount is too small. I am so grateful for everything. There is hope, we can’t give up on each other and I know I will get help here. In a week, I intend to visit again for 4 days and by Grace she would go to the hospital for a thorough physical check up while I continue to handle the mental health front. God bless us all. #gratefulthankfulblessed