Mother’s day around the world is all year round hurray

#mothersday2022  #joysofmotherhood Ok, well Mother’s day is every day. Look at the following and wish all motherd in those countries happy Mother’s day on those days hahahaha #gratefulthankfulblessed

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers who:
1) Are doing it all alone without the support of the men who made them mother’s;
2) All the mothers who are so lonely because their darling husband’s have left this world;
3) To all the mothers who though still married are so alone in the whole process;
4) To all the mothers who are fighting to bond with their babies and children due to one mental health condition or the other;
5) To all the mothers who feel less than because they had their babies in the so called ‘non-conventional’ way;
6) To all the mothers raising kids not theirs biologically but still being the best they mother they can be;
7) To all the mothers in waiting, you are a mother at heart and You are already mothering yourself so we’ll
Loads of love to us all


Wake up the Giant in our kids with STEFFO

Hope for the Abused and Battered is honoured to host the Founder of STEFFO and the brain behind the amazing Academic Reality Show “Wake up the Giant”. Kindly join us over at Hope for the Abused and Battered . With Brains and hearts and zeals full of Faith like that of Dr. Stella Akinmolayan Ebuetse , there is hope for our children and their children Amen

Visit their website at

The Time to Tell

The Time to Tell

The lives we lead
The lies we live
The pain we pile up
The shame we stack up
The hurts we hide up
The sorrows we stifle
The Stories we shy from
The Love we long for
The hope we have
The help we hold up
The hugs we get
The hugs we give
The healing is sure
(c) Marie Abanga
Kumba, Cameroon 20/02/21

Getting a World Pulse spirit Award means a lot to me

I was related to receive an email that I was an Awardee of a World Pulse spirit Award as an activator. I have been on World Pulse since October 2018 and it’s so good to be on such a sisterhood platform where your voice and story matter.

Check out more on the announcement in the below instagram post, and you might want to register for the virtual celebration and also get to know more about World Pulse

Support our Anti-Rape Campaign ‘It Starts from ME’

It starts from Me Ending Sexual Violence/Rape Campaign

Each month, hundreds of cases of rape and sexual assaults are being talked about and we know these appalling crimes of sexual violence/rape is being committed against our sisters/brothers, daughters/sons and babies. These heinous acts have caused some fatalities as young as 3 months old and three quarters of survivors of this distressing involvement are under the age of 15.

Despite the trauma involved many cases of rape and sexual violence still go unreported as families and communities practice a culture of silence or indifference about sexual violence/rape leaving victims devastated.

In Cameroon there are no safe homes/shelters for victims/survivors and medical treatment is unaffordable to many of them.

The N4SHE found that institutional practices and traditions can lead to a highly unsafe environment rarely challenged by our society. The society has miserably failed to educate and evolve to always pass the blame on the victims thereby communicating to victims that violence is a ‘normal’ feature of life. Schools, therefore, can be breeding grounds for potentially damaging rape culture which remain with pupils into adult life. Yet, with appropriate intervention, schools can provide an enabling environment for the prevention of sexual violence/rape.

The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness and sensitize parents, teachers and communities at large to make use of the three Rs “RECOGNISE, RESPOND, REPORT” in children who are victims of sexual violence.

The target population is parents/teachers & community stakeholders across the nation.

So, do you want to join the campaign raise awareness, sensitize and normalize the conversation around rape? We are just a WhatsApp away

Join the Campaign train @ +237652956343

Please donate to the campaign:

FB Page:

Be the Change you want for your community as “It starts from Me”

A poster capturing the enormity of mental health awareness needs in Africa

#mentalhealthawareness so beautifully captured in this poster by my friend and Global Mental Health Peer Network executive from Zimbabwe Angelica Mkorongo.
Are we really doing enough? Are we even talking enough? Are we even listening enough? #mentalhealthmatters let’s keep talking and sculpting and painting and singing and dancing and shouting and marching …about it. #thereishope #bethehope.

A message of hope from my own mother

A message of hope from my own mother Bibiana Taku on the first mental health matters open day organized by @Hope for the Abused and Battered last week. For the first time since my return, I watched and listened to my mum talk about the loss of her beloved only son Gaby Mindful, and other challenges in her own life which have moulded her into the heroine she is today. Thank you mama

An acknowledgement like this goes a long soul way

Let me just drop it here almost a week later. I was the April She Hero of the Woman Words literary press overseen by Comrade Mbizo Chirasha. I have just been so busy I almost forgot to share such an acknowledgement o. I am humbled and really appreciate the goodness of the Lord in my life. May He continue to use me Amen. Read on and share. Thank you comrade:

Book Review: Psych Meds made Simple by Ashley Peterson

Psych Meds by Ashley

It’s been a long while I reviewed a book on my blog, but I have been reading many without being bitten by the ‘review me’ bug lol. Ashley’s book has gotten the ‘review me’ bug biting my fingers again. The book is simply one I had to read and make as many as notes as possible, the total being 65 highlighted notes. It is on the basis of these that I review this very important book mental health users and carers would do well to read.

The goal of the book is very clear as follows: The goal of this book is to demystify psychiatric medications and give people living with mental illness, as well as those who support us, the knowledge to make the best possible decisions when it comes to medication.

With the above in mind, I read the book as the project manager I am. I recall with some loathing truth be told, when I spent nearly 2 years taking medications including psychiatric ones, without ever trying to acquire any knowledge which could help me make the best possible decisions for myself. Had I known will always be the last in class because we hardly even think of them when starting a lesson.

Well, with psychiatric medications, you seriously don’t want take your health or those you care for, for granted. Mental illness (I live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), is for real and yet, you are not an invalid who can’t decide for themselves unless totally sedated or so psychotic enough to care any more. Ashley’s book is focused on the most common types of psychiatric medications: antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti psychotics, anti anxiety medications, and stimulants, and yet she is adamant in asserting that: “The notion that medications produce some artificial form of wellness is simply absurd. What I gather from reading the book all through therefore is that, she did all the research including using her own self as a case study, to give her readers and the mental illness community at large, a good base of knowledgeable material to get and keep the conversation going. Recovery from a mental illness is possible if the right combination of medications and holistic treatment protocol are found. Trust me I know it may be hard, it is even daunting reading about the different side effects of the several of the medications.

I learned so much, and I honestly marvel at the depth of the research into technical and not cool products such as medications. I learned for example that it is better to take a cocktail of medications at reduced dosage, than only one at a high dose whose side effects may be devastating. I was also thrilled to learn about the relationship between inflammation and depression, and so much in the book kept getting me highlight wow. I could now understand some about the side effects I experienced, as well as those my brother who lived with bipolar disorder did.

The book is not boring to read especially because she uses words we can easily understand, and above all her own story as a case study. I appreciate her authenticity and vulnerability, and support her overall aim of fighting stigma surrounding mental illness and psychiatric medications. I follow her blog Mental Health at Home, and will recommend both her book and blog to everyone.

Thank you so much Ashley my heroine for writing such a long over due book. In my country, there is still such a pervasive culture of the doctor knows best, and the patient is just supposed to take them medication. Now, some patients and carers can start asking real questions while requesting for medication adjustments and re-adjustments.

About the Author

Ashley Peterson writes one of my favorite blogs, Mental Health at Home. For her 40th birthday last week, she was kind enough to offer her new book, Psych Meds Made Simple for free!

Ashley is a former pharmacist and currently works as a mental health nurse. I admire that she writes from a professional perspective and from a personal stance, as she lives with mental illness.

I really recommend this reference guide to anyone who takes psychotropic medication, has a loved one who does, or who works in the mental health field (counselors, social workers, healthcare providers, etc. – I am a psychotherapist and could refer clients to this book now of course hahahah)

You can find Psych Meds Made Simple for a very reasonable price on Amazon.