Very Important and free event on patient management of chronic diseases

Very Important and free event you wouldn’t want to miss oooooooo. Now of there is one thing the pandemic can be credited for, it’s the fact that it has made virtual acquiring and desimination of vital information especially for our health both urgent and in most cases accessible by many. In most cases, having a smart phone is all you need. And well for this very important event you just have to register in advance at this link below:
Hats off to the organizers; I will be there.

Let me encourage you with my bounce back story

August 27, 2019

Hello all, can I encourage us all with a story post of mine? If yes just copy n click on the link below and read. The pictures of myself sat it more: August 27, 2019; January 02, 2020; September 23, 2020. #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthrecovery #recoveryispossible #thereishope #bethehope #selfcare #stopthestigma

Monday Motivation from me to YOU

I love motivating lol. Don’t focus on those first three letters of the word oooooooooooooo. It makes so much sense to me today and am so proud of my journey to becoming MAG

How are you using Social Media during this pandemic?

Watch my son Alain Michel inspire us on why or how to use social media for our personal development/growth especially during this pandemic. In times like these with some hopelessness and helplessness around especially in our youths, with all the uncertainty around us, and so much toxic and conflicting or confusing stuffs on social media, being prudent, mindful and conscious of why or how we use social media to begin with is very timely. What better voice than that of a 16 year old inspiration to reflect on that? #thereishope #bethehope

My spiritual journey is so soul…are you joining me?

Do you believe in periodic spiritual retreats as your spirit leads you? Do themes come to you for such? I do and several times I have gotten themes or mantras or directions on how to go about these spiritual exercises. The most profound was a 70days one I did in 2018…wow that was a once in life time opportunity. I am starting a 7 days intense one tomorrow and the theme was revealed to me this morning. I am equally directly to share just so my social media family who care understand why I will be silent during the 1st week of September. #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGencourages #MAGtakesthelead #MAGisintentional #letGodnloelead #attitudeofgratitude #itsaboutlovenhealing #doitallwithlove #livelovelaughlearn