Healing and Living

for my friend & I

To Heal we have to Live

To Live we have to Heal

Never heard of a dead Healing

Nor a Living not craving Healing

Healing is often letting go

Letting go of expectations

Letting go of painful emotions

Letting go of tough feelings

Letting go of unmet desires

Living is loving your life

Living is wanting to be

Living is embracing the now

Living is gratitude for the gift

Living is doing your best 

To Live therefore, we have to Heal

If we don’t Heal, we can’t be us

If we don’t Heal, we can’t embrace the now

If we don’t Heal, we can’t be grateful for the gift

If we don’t Heal, we can’t do our best

With Love and Forgiveness 

Faith and Hope

We can find inner Peace

We can Heal and Live

We can Live and Heal


P.S: A friend and I are going through a process, let’s call it a healing and living process. I got inspired this morning to write this down. Hope it helps someone out there


Because I am Human

Because I am human, I have feelings

Because I an human, I have thoughts

Because I am human, I seek to love

Because I am human, I seek to know

Because I am human, I want to be treated as one

Because you are human, you have feelings too

Because you are human, you have thoughts too

Because you are human, you seek to love too

Because you are human, you seek to know too

Because you are human, you want to be treated as one too

How do we humans feel?

How do we humans think?

How do we humans seek to love?

How do we humans seek to know?

How do we humans want to be treated?

I don’t know for sure about you

I only know my word and the weight I give it

I try my best not to take things personal

Steering away from assumptions

making myself clear by saying it as it is

Call that sensitive or insensitive

My attitude is all I can manage

With Inner peace as my main goal

Loving is all I seek to do

The how I learn each day

The why I sometimes don’t even know

The when is only now I have

The what is all things living

Because I am human

Israel my Adopted Son and Hero

With Israel

It’s a long story but I adopted Israel last year. He is such a cute boy and so wise for his 26 years. He is so talented too and just launched with 3 friends a platform called FundandImpact. I am in awe at God’s Amazing Grace in our lives.

FundandImpact allows the world to reach out and impact one life at a time by donating to help and contribute funds for solutions to the problems faced as raised in the campaign. The notion behind the initiative is that together a bigger and better impact can be created in the life of others when we consider a problem affecting one person – as a problem affecting us all.

He calls me Mom and we love each other unconditionally. The boys love their big brother who is so happy to be part of our family. Israel has come from so far, last thursday was the first time he visited our home in Douala. He is ready to move on and said: ‘Yes Mom now you can Blog about me’.

I will write more about the other start ups he is working on eventually, and will sure be creating a campaign on FundandImpact very soon.

Have a great week everyone

Could You vote for Anyi aka Ozi International as best make up artist and Nji Asonganyi for best photographer CFA Awards Please?

Last week I blogged about my talented and beautiful baby cousin as featured on Amy Banda’s blog. So, she’s been nominated for this prestigious national award and anyone from any where ofcourse can vote for her. Can you my beloved e-family help me with your precious vote?

Remember, follow this link, scroll down to best make up artisit and you find her glam foto as Ozi International.

And oh please, when on the website don’t forget to check out the category best fashion photographer.  Anyi’s baby brother Nji Asonganyi is a fashion photgrapher and has even done some shoots and videos of yours truly. Could you vote for him too please?

I wonder if they make themselves up and take their own shoots. See these ones below

Read what some site writes about Nji Asonganyi:

Nji Asonganyi has revolutionized the art of celebrity portraits by producing color images of famous actors, musicians, athletes, chefs, beauty queens and TV personalities.

Ushering in a new age of color photography, Asonganyi’s work is basically focused on the beauty of picture taking, proper lighting and the best angles. He maybe doing what every photographer is supposed to do but his work some what brings the beauty of his muse out in a more professional manner.

Call him a beauty photographer if you want, there’s no complaining about that but he sure puts hard work and continuous studies to be the best at what he does. There is a great deal of civility and respect in his images and the color makes them really fun to look at, as well.

My peepsIsn’t this talent at its best in the family? They work together of course – should that even be a question? So if we are voting for Anyi, I only submit that Nji her photographer par excellence gets his own award – and wow never think none has talent because they studied something else in school and aren’t in that field.

In gratitude for your votes,

Yours truly

Oh la la: How sad I was to realize it was but a dream…

Two nights ago I woke up in excitement before realizing where I was: in my bedroom in Douala Cameroon Africa and no where near the White House in DC USA America! What? And the actual first couple there are not Barack and Michelle Obama poor me. I mean what a dream for a prospective non immigrant even zut!

So here is that dream: I was an intern with the legal department of the White House, and my boss took me to a staff party. The president and first lady surprised staff and I dared to ask Michelle if she could sign my internship attestation. She said sure, just then my boss passed by with Barack and he called me up to introduce me to the President. I heard my name so loud I got up in a haste with a big smile…

And bam, I started laughing ad looked up to see the time: 3:45 am…I laughed so hard Alain who was already up reading, came in to ask if I was ok

Well, this is definitely nicer than the dream I had last week of the KKK torching 3 homes.

Wishing us all a happy weekend, am much better and looking forward to a socializing and movies weekend

Cynthia my niece and heroine in Peabody MA

Will that be 3 D or what? Whoop whoop whoop

Cynthia and her proud parents infront of her street sign

So world, after some cheeky emotional and physical times with 3 family deaths in a month, more stuffs and some joints inflammations, am going to braggingville.

Cynthia’s mother is a paternal first cousin and not just any one. Her own mum raised dad her baby brother when their own mum died and he was barely 5. We grew up together and Cynthia’s mum is my dad’s daughter by all account. All my paternal cousins call him daddy for he was a big family man.

So, back to Cynthia my heroine. She is our family star of course and I personally so proud of her. Had somebody showed me some support I would have been an athlete too. It’s in our gene. I ran all over as a kid and teen, played volley, hand and even football (soccer for Americanas) etc.

Cynthia has a street sign with her name now and I mean what else can I say? Inspiration and Motivation right in my own lineage right?

Thank you Cynthia you are definitely my heroine. Thanks to her awesome parents for nurturing her so. 

Now guess what Cynthia’s brother is into? That’s for another post of course

Death visits – again: But am celebrating her life

My late aunt O Rose, myself and her grandaughter

I have such fond memories and how she always gave me something to take back with me each time I visited the village. Indeed, the bag in which she gave me foodstuffs when I visited with the kids last summer is still in my kitchen. I am so grateful for the Grace to have taken her two granddaughters with us to the village last summer. That was the first time in 5 years they were seeing each other. Indeed the last time they were there was to bury their own mother, my best best best cousin whose death I didn’t even hear off – being in one of my wildernesses. The visit to the village therefore was cathartic for all of us. This is my memory and how I chose to grieve my dear aunt to eternity.

P.s: sometimes I want to not write or talk about stuff hoping it’ll just go away. But nope if I don’t let it out it muggles my mind – and that Ivshun so much.

AMY BANDA’S BLOG: Anyi Asonganyi: The women who have made it are no different from you in any way, we all can win.


Anyi is my second cousin: Her late super intellectual dad was my mother’s uncle, while our mothers are very close friends from secondary school days. We pretty grew up so close and though she is my kid sister by near a decade, we are buddies. I just wish I could spare an hour or so for an exotic make up lol.

Is this super inspiring and motivating or what?

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