Dancing to end this spectacular 2020 with gratitude

What a way to end the year doing what I love doing until my body says it do lol. Taking excellent care of me is my best takeaway from this spectacular 2020. Be inspired motivated and encouraged

Watch the full Chakara dance on my YouTube channel


My Christmas/season’s message to us all

I know not all of us are are in the merry making mood, that not all of us want to celebrate the way tradition demands and pop culture prescribes…I know this because I am one of such people…and that it’s ok to spend the day and season your own best way…to be ‘different’…to focus on being merry inside and not outside

#mentalhealthmatters #thereishope #bethehope #selfcare #youarenotalone

A big win in my fight against rape in my country

A rapist given a life sentence; an advocate and barrister planning to keep fighting. This is the best judgment of my 12 years of legal practice. It’s a big win and the best Christmas gift I could ask for this year of all.

#thereishope #breakthestigma #bethehope #youarenotalone  #donotsufferinsilence #notorape #notochildsexualabuse


#Suicide Struggles and hope on the other side

#suicides I am a survivor and make no secret of that. This was a great though very emotional RTT episode. Watch it and learn coping and helpful mechanisms. Do not suffer in silence #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #suicidalawareness #suicidprevention2020 #thereishope #BeTheHope


Please to all my followers here and those will read, this is my most important post for 2020. Kindly do not suffer in silence. There is help too and sometimes it wouldn’t come from the quarters you expect, but embrace that and let yourself be helped. Belonging to a community of peers like here, also helps a lot. I don’t know if wishing us happy holidays is appropriate, but hey I will say that too lol.

That episode did take me back to 11 years ago and I cried, but am glad I watched it to the end.

Light and love always

Achieving my body goals and some

This morning after a 40 minutes home workout, it dawned on me to be so proud of my work and the resulting body goals ticked with a plus (Will work on that next year lol). I am comfortable in my skin both in private and public, and I flaunt it all I want because by Grace I could do it. Fast walking with weights even just for 30 minutes does a lot. Then lifting my small 10kgs for 10 minutes is also a hurray. Small cool down aerobics and am good to go for a wonderful Wednesday.
I know where I coming from both physically and mentally, and am just so so grateful for such growth and self love and self esteem