My Angel Gabriel & I

My Angel Gabriel

He kicked me in the womb
at 5 months he knew
that the knife I held
to my chest was the sign
the message he brought
amidst all my pain
was that God wasn’t done
and I still had a lot to live

He just seemed to know
how depressed I was
left with his granny
when he was just a month
stayed with her another month
and that for me was the sign
I could leave them and not die
because they would survive
until I was good to rise again

I left him when he was 22 months
and I came back finally 4 years later
the bond was still the same
or even more some think
this is all spiritual
I love them 3 with all this zest
cause I got this new lease on life
Thanks to my AG’s kick from the womb

(c) Marie Abanga April 1st, 2021

P.S: My Ange Gabriel is sick today and the flashbacks have come but I have to be strong for him. I mean it when I say he is my natural anti-depresant. Thank you all for the moral support, I really appreciate

Poetic prompt: How dare you body shame her?

How dare you?
Forget so soon
the nine months
u spent in her womb
cradled by her body
fed by her intake?

How dare you?
Forget the pain
she bore so brave
to carry your weight
ever growing & pressing
with groans & love?

How dare you?
Forget the fight
she fought so brave
to push while they pulled
and maybe had a CS
to give birth to u
and bring u home safe?

How dare you?
Forget the nights
she stayed up
when u couldn’t sleep
from the fever or aches
hunger when there was nothing
because he left nothing?

How dare you?
Forget that our beauty
lies not on the outside
that dem breasts will sag
as u sucked them sweet
and the stretches & wrinkles
are but badges of honour?

How dare u son?
Now dare to think
that u got the right
to tell our daughters
how they should dress
and how their bodies
must be like for u
to like or love them
just because u got dem balls?

(c) Marie Abanga March 31, 2021
1:45 am

P.S: A poem to say #notobodyshaming #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthadvocate #selflove

Making Mental Health Advocacy fashionable & memorable

Ok, am ready to show up with my grandma and co-host the GMHPN Africa Region 2nd Webinar on Human Rights Abuses of Persons with Mental Health Conditions
Merry Monday world

You can still register with this link:https:


Sending positive vibes through sports

I went running to send positive vibes today to a special friend going through some mental health muggles. Today was day two, yesterday I worked indoors for them, skipping rope and stepping some for one hour. I did an hour out there too day and tomorrow by Grace I will go walking in the sports park for an hour or two. I commit to three days of working out for my friend, they would tell me more when they are ready and I will hold space for them as best as I can and as they need. Let’s do this for one another hurray