When No One Wanted Her

There was a girl I knew

A difficult Childhood she had

A shaggy life she led

All were getting fed up

 Her mama said out you go

And I said in you come

All just hissed and sighed

What difference can you they murmured

I only know love to show

I can relate and that is it

She made some lefts and then a big right

Today she makes dem proud

Am faded in the background

I treasure the beautiful bond we share

Mama is how she calls me

Ain’t that worth every pound of gold?

Ah there goes human nature

Flashbacks I will always have

To that time when no one wanted her…

P.S: This poem is just my raw feelings today… Six awesome and challenging years we spent until I left for me… My baby girl gets married tomorrow…I am so grateful to my Almighty Father and to all who have stood by my in whatever way…

P.P.S: hmm just two days ago another ‘broken angel’ came to my door…

Donna: When you meet a kindred Soul your spirit knows that… 

That was our first time meeting together, barely 3 days after I braved it to obtain her number and call her…

I have a picture where I was captured laughing out my soul like that… It’s in my living room…

I had been thinking of reaching out to Donna over a month ago… I hadn’t read anything about her, nor even heard much about her… I had once been told we were going to be invited on a panel to discuss our books and co, but that never happened… That was last year… 

Amusing Donna Forbin with my efforts to reach her

Last month, I started thinking a lot about this Donna … I hadn’t even googled her up… Indeed, it only dawned on me to at least google her and see her face once she agreed we could meet yesterday … The network didn’t help and so we ended up just describing each other… Needless though because we just knew each other on sight…

Donna lives right there in Limbe… that magnetic sea side city where I finished my last memoir… Gosh Donna just told I was invited any time to occupy her second room… I brought her a copy of one my book ( the one I actually have a printed copy of), and she gave me so much more

I am in a reading frenzy currently, Cortland Pfeiffer’s Taking The Mask off, Chimamanda’s half of a yellow sun and Americana, and now Donna gave me gifts of all 4 of her books… Ok you tell me how do I sleep?

When I called Donna on Monday afternoon, her voice was just what I had been dreaming of… Indeed, when I got her number in the morning, I first prayed before deciding to call in the afternoon hoping her morning hype would have calmed down ( just pure guess work and I was once again right)… Another sign I had told myself, was going to be in her tone the way she said hello… I actually prefered she say hello and not hi… And that’s exactly what she said… And in that way which just hugs your soul…

Could it be an ‘unknown Angel’ involved here all along captain?

In Cortland’s book, he talks of synchronicity and soul contracts…

Donna and I talked that Monday afternoon for 24 good minutes… I timed that, and yesterday we just had to part due to other commitments… This morning we spoke for 12 minutes cause she is on the go, ok WhatsApp chats is not factored…

Oh my, you will definitely read more about Donna on this blog… I never felt this before or met someone like this here or anywhere else for that matter… Donna herself is amazed and so grateful I called her? Ha

Her books … (I gave up sleep and I have already read 2 of them) are so … To my spirit…

Must a soul mate be of the opposite sex and someone with whom you share much more than your soul?

Donns chose that pose…Looking together in that direction: wondering and hoping🙂

Wishing us all a nice weekend… And a ‘Donna in our lives…🙂

Why I love doing a Guest Post for someone I can relate with…

I love writting, and doing it for others warms me up for real
I love writting, and doing it for others warms me up for real

So there we go today dear world,

This is a short post directing you to a guest post I did for my Lose It co-star Sir Bradley: Click here to read that post and leave your comments there… well if u wanna share with why you’ll love doing a guest post for someone like myself, sure feel free to leave such a comment here…

I sincerely love doing guests posts when asked, but then I just have to relate with you and not necessarily what you want me to write about…

And what better pay than an email which starts like this: “I love it…I love it. I had regular seizures when I was first diagnosed. I lost my driver’s license because of them. They only went away after I began taking bipolar meds and anti-seizures…”

Thank you Bradley for giving me the privilege to be your guest and for loving my craft…

So if you want and feel like warming someone up, why don’t you think of doing a guest post for them? I will welcome anyone who wanna:

You could also be my guest you know !
You could also be my guest you know !

Please… Don’t take anything for granted: Be Grateful

I am grateful to be able to read and write each day
I am grateful to be able to read and write each day

Hello World, when I left my home this morning, I already had ideas for a blog post in my head to publish before I started my day… I left early and beat the traffic and got to the office before everone else: oops one problem – I don’t have the key – and so I sat me down to continue reading from my kindle… By the time the office was finally opened it was  8:30 am- the were simply no time to put those ideas on my computer.

13:00-  It’s lunch time now but am not going out for lunch – because I want to at least do a blog even if not as I had planned… and this ties in line with the title of my blog – really let’s not take things for granted and be grateful for the chances we have…

I finished reading Malala Yousafzai‘s poignant memoir on Friday and I realized there is so much we might be taking for granted in some parts of the world, while others are don’t even dare look forward to them;

I started reading Cortland Pfeiffer’s Taking the Mask off and realized how valuable our sanity and in-sanity is although we may sometimes take any or either of them for granted;

Here I am who wanted to blog this morning and I couldn’t… after a little whinning; I realized I should be grateful for even being able to read and write – I remember when I could blog twice a day, read several other blogs, write a book in between, and go to school etc;

Just when I was musing for the upteenth time about my present ‘situation’… I just started to do the opposite and started to count my blessings including and most especially being reunited with my sons in our own Home;

It could sure get better… It definitely could have been worse PERIOD… I know and own my story and no one else can convince me otherwise mindful of all the tremendous unconditional love, support and even lessons I have received and learned;


Have a nice week everybody and hope this inspires and motivates all who hop by🙂

STIGMA: The Script’s Synopsis P2

Hello world, pursuant to P1, here is P2:

…This is actually the setting into which Precious, Victor and Mercy are born to papa Thomas and mami Maria. Papa Thomas is a doubting Christian who has fallen out with the church because he insists on wanting to take a second wife since mami Maria has so far giving him only one child (He refuses to count the first two sick children as his). He has surnamed this third child Mercy and although she is only a girl meaning of not so much value to him, he desperately needs the ancestors or God to have mercy on her and spare her from the ‘badluck’ of her siblings.

The movie takes us through the traumatic ordeal of Precious and Victor, an ordeal which begins at home and ends up in school. They are at first taken by their parents to the traditional healer where they undergo near fatal and highly superstitious practices in a bid to rid them of the ‘curse’ source of the badluck, and when the procedure fails, they are dragged to the church with the hope that the reverend father will exorcise the demons in them.

The movie also brings out the guilt, burden and pain mothers feel and bear throughout such ordeals. In our case, mami Maria the mother of the sick children, bears it all bravely, leaving no stone unturned to get her husband to change his staunch traditional mentality and try out the ‘whiteman’s medication’ for once. It is she who when at her stall sees the NGO’s sensitization posters, pleads desperately with her husband that they go to the mission hospital and attend their presentation to learn some more. She equally plead with the catechist to come talk to her husband mindful of his disapproval of papa Thomas’s penchant for polygamy. The catechist’s visit leads to their being received by the reverend Priest. Reverend Fada as he is calls, seizes the opportunity to dismiss all what has been said at the village square and the traditional healer as false beliefs/practices; nothing more.

The lives of Precious and Victor henceforth take a dramatic turn for the better once reverend Fada refers them to the mission hospital. He knows that help can be found at a hospital because his cook’s child who suffers from what he refers to as epilepsy, gets a lot of help from the hospital in the nearby village.

Precious is almost denied a chance at the ‘whiteman medication’ when her father papa Thomas grumbles that he doesn’t have money to take two children there. He will rather take the boy and leave the girl to end up which ever way. Her dear mother steps in again by bringing out her savings. There is no way mami Maria can let her husband blatantly and viciously discriminate against her two sick children because one is a girl and to him of little value, while the boy a younger sibling deserves all the chances at getting better.

At the hospital, the children are registered for consultation by the neurologist who comes during the medical missions organized by the NGO. This NGO which has been working on the field for barely two years now, has indeed been able to secure the personal support of one of the few neurologists in the region. The Neurologist they are told brings a special machine to test the brains of the selected patients so as to know the exact type of the brain disorder they suffer from, and to be able to prescribe medication which can prevent the fainting or seizures as the attacks are called in the hospital. The God sent NGO has also brought some subsidized medication which thanks to mami Maria’s savings, the family can afford.

All is well that ends well, at last the children can now go to school. Another exciting news is that they don’t have to fear the reaction of their teachers and fellow students if they have a seizure in school because the NGO has also brought handbooks about epilepsy for the teachers. The teachers will be trained and they will in turn teach the students on what to do if a friend is having a seizure. The NGO is even sponsoring the Fon’s Football Cup tournament (among other projects), so that through the sponsorship they can sensitize the entire community on the brain disorder and advocate for a change in mentality towards persons living with epilepsy – thus fighting against stigma. Epilepsy they emphasize is not contagious and so people will stop running away and shaming them when they are having a seizure. Epilepsy they even add can be cured and prevented. All this is so new, it makes the news in the whole village.

In the end, Precious and Victor become heros in their village. Their story is reported in the local newspaper and the NGO tells them they will be taken to the city to share their story. Soon, many other parents stop hiding their sick children at home, they take them to the hospital and write down their names so that they will be selected and called back when the NGO organizes another medical mission….

Stay nearby for P 3 next week and thanks for all the support

STIGMA: The Script’s Synopsis P1


Hello World and happy Thanksgiving in advance to my Americanas… 

Ok, I am constantly on the go and shared with you here recently how I was reinventing myself . I am a passionate woman there is no doubt about that… I received so many talents from My Almighty Father and just realized I have to do my best with those for his Greater Glory and the service of mankind. Here is the synopsis to the script I just finished writing for a movie to be titled: STIGMA…

STIGMA: What comes to mind? Shame; humiliation; embarrassment; rejection; abuse; and all other such negative words. We at the Gbm Foundation have thought about a much more virtual, vocal and poignant way to step up our fight against the stigma surrounding persons living with epilepsy and those affected by their conditions such as their families and extended circles of interaction like their schools, churches and communities.

This movie revolves around two children called Precious and Victor who live with epilepsy although wrongly understood simply as fainting fits by all in their community. Their suffering is labelled ‘badluck illness’, and it’s cause is attributed to juju.

The two children and their family are the victim of stigma in all its dimensions. They are only saved by the coming to their village of an NGO working to provide medical assistance for persons living with epilepsy, with the main objective to combat the stigma surrounding this chronic neurological disorder.

Precious and Victor together with their kid sister Mercy, live in the remote village of Fiebondem in Cameroon.

Cameroon has a very high rate of prevalence of Epilepsy in the world, and a 2016 lancet neurology article holds that the country could very well have the highest rate in the world. The village of Fiebondem, one of those villages in the country with higher rates of epilepsy, has been abandoned to itself unfortunately. In addition to the shortage of health facilities and supplies especially with regards to epilepsy, the extremely seasonal and barely carved out roads make it impracticable to attempt going there for nearly half a year. This waterloo has taken a toll on the growth of the village and the villagers, who have caved in on themselves, and have all but clung on to their traditional beliefs and practices. Indeed, the name of the village reflects on this abandonment as they submit themselves to the mercy of their creator: Fiebondem literally means “Give it to God”.

The dilemma in Fiebondem starts over half a century ago with a high infant mortality rate, The villagers in those days and circumstance can only cry out to their gods while blaming their misfortunes on ‘witchcraft’: witches are consequently identified, rounded up and burnt at the stake.

Several years later, children no longer die at birth, but others now succumb to a new phenomenon of fainting fits with dire consequences for the victim and their families.

It is still so shameful to be pointed out as a household having one of such ‘badluck children’. Indeed, having more than one of such ‘badluck child’ can easily lead to serious retaliation and rejection from the village by the community. The ‘badluck children’ are quickly hidden away by their families, tied to their beds if need be, and they are not sent on any meaningful errands not to talk of to school. Once the ‘badluck children’ themselves start feeling rejected, they either don’t equally want to go anywhere for fear of society’s repudiation of their ‘bizarreness’– hence social/self isolation, and they are either pulled out, kicked out or they drop out of school and run away from the village altogether. Such is the disastrous impact of stigma cause by epilepsy in the village of Fiebondem…

Kindly stay tuned for P2 and co in the following days…

Wishing us all the best

The Gbm Foundation Produces A Teacher’s Handbook of Epilepsy for Schools


The Gbm Foundation (of which I am the Country Director) seeks to step up its efforts to bring epilepsy out of the shadows. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions with approximately 70 million people affected worldwide. The prevalence of epilepsy is highest in sub – Saharan African countries ranging from 2.2 to 58 per 1000. Epilepsy is one of the least understood chronic medical conditions. False attribution of seizures to supernatural causes, beliefs in certain cultures that patient’s body fluids during convulsive seizures are contagious, and lack of knowledge about proper seizure first aid has led with bystanders to be reluctant to help patients living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is associated with a lot of discrimination imposed by other people which together with other impediments related to the underlying brain disorder as cognitive impairment make people living with epilepsy to be less likely to be sent to school, find employment and marry. Children with epilepsy are at increased risk of educational underachievement, learning difficulties, mental health problems, social isolation, and poor self-esteem. Teacher’s knowledge and attitudes toward epilepsy can have significant impact on these difficulties including student’s performance, social skill development, and future employment.

Improving epilepsy awareness and knowledge among school staff helps in creating a supportive learning environment for pupil/students with epilepsy, through effective seizure management, and control of discrimination. A school teacher or staff who knows how to respond to seizures will both improve safety in school and influence the reactions of other pupil/students. In certain cases, teachers may even be the first to notice the symptoms of seizures in a student. Teachers who are knowledgeable about epilepsy will understand and encourage pupil/students and thus facilitate learning and self – esteem thereby playing a vital role in the physical, social and academic well – being of pupil/students with epilepsy.

This handbook is designed to educate school staff about epilepsy, improve their ability to manage seizures in pupil/students and facilitate practices that will create an optimal learning environment for pupil/students living with epilepsy. It contains general information about epilepsy, basic seizure first aid, and advice on the daily interactions with the student with epilepsy.

The Foundation firmly believes that, it is its imperative to make available these handbooks of epilepsy for school teachers, as such an initiative will be a great tool to fight against the stigma, rejection and abuse of persons living with epilepsy and promote inclusive education in favor of young persons living with epilepsy. This project will definitely go a long way bring awareness to the plight of those living with and or affected by the condition, and our hope is that it contributes to the research directly needed in this domain as well as affect policy change in favour of  persons living with the illness, their families and their integration into the community.

Kindly Get Involved

Let's be the Hope for each other
Let’s be the Hope for each other

Gbm as a civil society organization actively involved in the fight against the stigmatization of persons living with and/or affected with epilepsy, is happy to carry out such a noble project in furtherance of its goals. We rely on donations from our partners and persons of good will and call on all to support our various projects. We are currently looking for funders to enable us publish and print 3000 more of these handbooks to add to the 1000 already published and printed. No donation is too little… a single handbook funded could serve an entire school: Thank you…

P.S: My late brother was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 11 and with Bipolar Disorder a decade or so later… this Foundation is so close to my heart… I’ll be launching another Go Fund me Campaign eventually and even the smallest $ will be valued to my core


The Wheelbarrow by Joel F

What an awesome analogy about an amazing way to handle this business of living. Worth some serious reflections I admit enough to reblog.

Joys of Joel

the wheelbarrow, inspirational poem about life, joys of joel poems, poem about wheelbarrow The Wheelbarrow – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Push to the limit like a wheelbarrow
Stop digging your past sorrows

Learn to roll with its wheels and lift it
Move forward and walk with it.

Live life and love every minute
Let the flowers bloom and never limit

Fill it with seeds of love and hope.
Grasp the handle and learn to cope.

Put in the soil with dirt and laughter.
Soon you will reap all its fruits thereafter

Cultivate the roots and water your flowers
The seeds of your thoughts will be its showers.

Kindly Click/Tap Photo or Link To Read   The Garden That You Keep.  Thanks.

how to plant flowers in your garden, inspirational quote, joys of joel poems The Garden That You Keep – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

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Look at me: This is what I did in 53 days: Yes You Can!!!

Hello world,

I wanted to blog about something else, another great idea that popped up, but hmm the scale reading this morning just had to be shared.

A week ago, I was down to 76.5 from an initial 79.999. Lose told me if I kept it up, I could reach my target goal of 75kgs by Dec 16… I immediately thought to myself: ” why not November 16? After all even if we don’t do Thanksgiving the Americana way, I could still take my boys out for an ice cream treat on that day you know… Uh in solidarity with my Americana family especially after a recent saga of theirs… Ok let me leave them alone and rejoice a moment in what I challenged myself to do.

Frankly speaken, I share this credit with my team mates over at our Lose It groupCaptain Dyane and Sir Bradley you two inspire and motivate. Dyane is sure you who chose that name Wondrous Writers? Maybe I really do fit that bill…

I have felt discouraged by the scale reading (dreaded it to be candid), felt pain from those workouts at some forsaken 4 am thrice  or more weekly, and even found saliva around the corner as I passed the ice cream vendor especially in this season.

But oh my: 10.8 pounds in 53 days? 100 grams below my ideal weight? I am keeping that for Christmas so Help Me Almighty Daddy…

If I can do this, I think we can give whatever it is we are at a big push … All because: Yes You Can!

Sharing all my badges with you so you see what it takes🙂

Losin’ It
– You have logged your first weight loss.

Goal Achieved
– You have completed a plan successfully!

Keep It Up
– You are still here after 3 days! Keep it up!

– You have logged every day for at least 2 weeks!

– You have logged every day for at least 4 weeks!

Exercise Buff
– You have exercised 3 times a week for at least 2 weeks!

Exercise Hound
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Exercise King
– You have exercised 3 times a week for at least 8 weeks!

Hello My Name Is
– You filled out your profile to let everyone know who you are!

Fit Like a Pro
– You’ve logged at least 100 exercise calories for 3 days in a week! Inspired by Jenna Wolfe Fitness.

Reinventing myself and other updates from my Garden


Hello world,

I had decided not to blog this week or at least today, but well here I am doing just that. Blogging which I started three years ago out of a ‘deep soulful need’ without a clue what it was all about, or the world I was getting into, has today become a part of me. It is a source of pleasure, therapy, solidarity, sorrow and on and on… But, it keeps me grounded somehow and I have discovered such an awesome e-family I would have missed out on regretfully had I not embarked on this journey.

I have been working hard since morning and don’t have it in me to link posts and go into details; but I want to share with you dear world that I am reinventing myself because I am discovering that I have so many gifts in myself – it will just be so wrong, so ungrateful and so stingy not to put those talents to use.

1) I am writing a script for a movie on Stigma – precisely revolving around persons living with epilepsy in a village and yes well bringing out the work of my brother’s foundation my target was 90 pages of a good story and I am at 77 pages of what I can be seriously proud of. I have never written a movie script before but thanks to you tube, I have learnt so much along the line and was so happy to see that even before I got to you tube I was so much on track;

2) Fully convinced my gift is writing, I am already sketching another book, this time not a memoir perse but one I know is highly needed in our society especially by me… I will be writing from a woman’s perpective of course and I want to try to scratch this conventional mountain of society which puts so much burden on women to be good wives and house keepers… The topic will be sort of a question: “Are you Husband Material?” – I have sure been reading lots of books a usual and just finished some of Steve Harvey’s no chasers and etc;

3) I saw my long goal vision again today, to be a powerful motivational speaker and a life coach. I know my society and know the impact I will make. I am waiting for God’s time and in the meantime I keep developing myself, learning so much from wherever, and doing what ever it is I am currently doing to the best of my ability.

As TD Jakes advices: Enjoy your Journey… I am doing just that and really pray I have no distractions because all I aim to do is for the Glory of God and for a meaningful contribution to mankind… it’s never really been about the money for me but I knnow his Grace and Providence will always follow me all the days of y life…

Wishing us all the best


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