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Marie Abanga on Mental Health and Services she offers


Hello world, after passing my exams in flying colours recently; setting out on a journey to launch a much desired and needed service as a CBT therapist and mental wellbeing coach, so grateful for all the support.

Have a great week everyone

Watch “How menopause affects the brain | Lisa Mosconi” on YouTube

We don’t seem to want to normalize conversations about women’s health raging from menstruation to menopause. I have chosen to not belong to that old school. I am doing my own research and sharing all I learn. Thus, being 42 and watching such videos about menopause and midlife crisis goes a long way. I hope it helps another woman out there. #thereishope #dontsufferinsilence #yourhealthmatters

Suicide Prevention in word and deed

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It’s been 12 years for me, and it lives with me. I know there are millions of suicide attempt survivors out there, as well as millions grieving or still angry at those who couldn’t take life anymore and succumbed…I really wish there could be more HOPE and Compassion not only today but always