What do you do when your own kids trigger a meltdown?

Yesterday was tough ending day for me. I returned home to an upside down house, no food and seemingly a ‘no care’ trio.

I was triggered and eventually had a meltdown. I did get dinner for the four of us but I was numb. I then went to sleep and it’s 08:08 am my time and I haven’t yet opened my door.

I am much better now and I coped with all of that my own way, by lashing some, crying a lot, doing a live video last night and another one to raise awareness this morning, and yes I had a call with a soul sister too last night.

I am going out now to see them boys, and dunno if to bring this whole episode up or not. It must be hard for our kids too especially with the challenges of the seasons courtesy of Covid-19 pandemic.

Anyways, all is well that ends well. I wish us all the best.

1st Mental Health Matters Open Day in my city

#Mentalhealthmatters Open Day. First of its kind. We are limited to 25 people. If you want to attend and are in Douala, Cameroon  inbox us. We have 12 more places available. We will also try to stream live. Snacks will be provided. #thereishope #bethehope #projectAAF #ARDFgrantUSEmbassy #attitudeofgratitude#Mentalhealthmatters Open Day. First of its kind. We are limited to 25 people. If you want to attend and are in Douala, Cameroon  inbox us. We have 12 more places available. We will also try to stream live. Snacks will be provided. #thereishope #bethehope #projectAAF #ARDFgrantUSEmbassy #attitudeofgratitude

How are your kids coping during this pandemic?

How are your kids coping during this pandemic? My sons have picked up passions such as starting a YouTube  channel for the first one. Below is my write up on his recent video.
#parentingtrenches the boys appreciate Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. Watch Alain Michel and Gabby put this adage into total practice o. Please like, comment, share and subscribe to encourage Alain wow wow wow

7th Year Blogging Anniversary Hurray

It’s been a love story and am ready for the next 7 years hahahahaha

An achievement indeed for me. It takes my 3Ds to keep it going and there have been high intensity and low intensity moments. I however love and now am consistent at it to the point of already have a whopping 840 followers hahaha. My kinda stuffs I blog about aren’t for the ‘faint of heart’, I sugarcoat nothing and that authenticity + vulnerability is what my tribe over there surely come back for. I dunno how man Cameroonian follow my blog but am just rolling and grateful for the grace…anyways, lots of what I blog there about, I also share here or vice versa. 7 is a significant number, I never knew I would last this long as a blogger and I have made some real soul friendships and more on that platform. Thank you Goretti Etchu-Egbe for example me to start, and thank you June Whittle my Jamaican sister and darling for that very first post of yours I read titled “Am I a blogger or what”? It just got me started with an affirmation that I will forge on until I earn the title BLOGGER. I think sis  I am finally one with such an achievement hurray. Thank you all Angels on my path and don’t give up pursuing your passions. This is just one of mine and am simply so blessed Amen. Have a great Monday everyone.

My musing on forgiveness: what u think about forgiveness?

Forgiveness: Is it worth its weight in gold for you?

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Muse with MAG: What do you think about forgiveness? (25.05.2020) I personally think it is worth its weight in gold. I pursue the grace to forgive and move on by the books lol (that's a next expression I learned just yesterday hahahaha). We have probably read and learned a lot about forgiveness, and I just want to share some recent personal experiences of mine. First of all, I look at forgiveness as realisable in 2 scenarios: Forgive and yet move on; Forgive and reconcile. The third and most challenging one is to not forgive and hold on to the bile forever. I don't have space in my soul or spirit for this 3rd option – there is no human being in my life I loathe to a bile and am willing to carry such to my grave yikes – what a burden to bear o. So, I recently forgave 3 different guys in different scenarios and with different outcomes. One well I don't even think my getting upset was worth my heart time. So let that go and whatever will be will be. The second, I don't think I want to understand what really happened but I don't want to carry them in my heart – ain't no space there. So let that go and move on – I deserve better. The third guy I decide to forgive, we reconcile and am ready to commit to what's next. The Peace of God is the ultimate am searching in my life and the serenity + tranquility this brings surpaseth anything anger and etc can ever bring me. And so dear readers, I love the adage that forgiveness is something you do for yourself, for your peace of mind ooooo . Anyways, dear reader, what do you think of Forgive? God bless us all and have a great week AMEN #whatuthinkofforgiveness? #Iamfreedomandlove #IamMAGnectic #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGisintentional #MAGtakesthelead #AttitudeofGratitude #makeitmatter #mentalhealthmatters

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My 10 year old’s wrap up of this MHA Week

#parentingmoments He loves words too it seems hurray. I watched a 6 mins video from the Obama Couple for their foundation about a library they are opening on the SS of Chigaco, and I got Gaby to watch the video too. He loved it and after that wrote this short poem. He then told me he has written a few poems in school. Why wasn’t he excited to show them to me I asked? He said he didn’t think they were great. Awwwwww, what is a great poem? My darling son, I hope he keeps his love of words and use there of up OOOOOO. His poem is actually so apt to wrap up this mental health awareness week themed KINDNESS
Here is the link to that video, sure your kids would love it too:

Mental health awareness series worth my sleep


#mentalhealthawareness #breakthestigma #youarenotalone #community #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mentalhealthrecovery  #livedexperiences “I have attended 3 of Katrina McIntosh’s webinar series on Mental health awareness week, I was even a guest speaker once.

I am simply put so inspired and motivated and ready to sign in to the last one in a few minutes. You don’t wake up at 1am your time to do this if there was nothing you were learning and sharing in such a community. Let’s go darling, am so so proud of your tenacity. You make #mentalillness less scary and that’s the whole idea of our relentless work using our lived experiences”.