How are you using Social Media during this pandemic?

Watch my son Alain Michel inspire us on why or how to use social media for our personal development/growth especially during this pandemic. In times like these with some hopelessness and helplessness around especially in our youths, with all the uncertainty around us, and so much toxic and conflicting or confusing stuffs on social media, being prudent, mindful and conscious of why or how we use social media to begin with is very timely. What better voice than that of a 16 year old inspiration to reflect on that? #thereishope #bethehope

What do you think of having Relationship goals?

I never before took the seriously but am doing so now. Just like I would have goals for business, health and co, so too am I working on my relationship goals. Here is my Muse on that over at IG this morning

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Muse with MAG: Do you have relationship goals? (20.05.2020) I am working on mine lol. I must not have a partner to work on the goals with, on the contrary I want to set my goals then when I meet someone compatible enough to share my goals with, and hoping they have their own goals, we can roll harmoniously. Never too late to set goals and these can always be revised. Indeed, just like fitness goals for example, they should lead to fulfilment and holistic wellness and not the contrary. This morning, I set me a new fitness goal. I aim to loose 5 kgs in two weeks and that is feasible. I have to do a dry fast from 6-6 for 14 days and then eat only fruits and veggies after 6 pm and before 8 pm, and I have to work out for 30/45 minutes 3 days a week no excuse. I feeling saggy and my left knee has been gigging for over 10days now. I recognize the 8 kgs or so I have added since the Pandemic started is to blame lol…I mean someone is to blame for the Relationship fiasco or absence of a relationship to begin with right? Hahahahahahaha anyways am determined, disciplined and will stay dedicated until I achieve my goals and did work out for 45mins today inspite of the hunchy knee lol. And you dear reader, do you have relationship goals? God bless us all and have a great midweek AMEN #havesomegoals #Iamfreedomandlove #IamMAGnectic #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGisintentional #MAGtakesthelead #AttitudeofGratitude #makeitmatter #mentalhealthmatters

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Check out my son’s First YouTube channel ooooooo

My son is so hardworking, am so grateful

My first son is 16.5 years old and his father is a priest. I have always refused to hide that fact nor to let him wallow I stigma or pity I whatever form. I have always encouraged him to follow his passions and dreams. I was so excited and supportive when he created his first app, and I am so all over the moon today with the creation of his own YouTube channel. Kindly check it out. The video is less than 5 minutes.

My YouTube channel and its first video( trailer) please check it out

We have been through so much, were separated for 4 good years when I fled for my sanity abroad, but here we arw today.

Thank you everyone

I am an angry woman and a wounded single parent today

I hope that link takes you to the live video rant I just did to explain and sort of manage my anger.

Here is a sum sort of: “I am an angry woman and single parent today. My son’s lenses got stolen in class yesterday in a minute and all I get when I go there today, is more interrogations of my son and I, and a call to calm down. The Dean of Studies says he will talk to the class. In the meantime my son can’t copy his notes, and is already feeling I don’t even know how to put it”.

Don’t know what any one in my shoes will feel about this whole incident, I don’t even know all the feelings am feeling currently