Workout tips from my Son: Great for our mental Wellbeing ooooo

Workout with my 1st son. Ha my son OOOOOOOO Is that for old people too like me? Keep it going on…workouts are really great for our holistic wellness especially our mental Wellbeing #inspiration #motivation #encouragement #mentalwellness #workouts

Disability is not inability…my son inspires some more

I am sharing this inspirational video by my own son Alain Michel once again because he talks about about disability using his recent experience and how this didn’t limit him from pursuing his basketball passion. May we all be inspired, motivated and encouraged OOOOOO. Thanks for viewing, liking, sharing and subscribing as the heart leads lol

Do you often use setbacks to take perspectives?

Muse with MAG: What makes you take perspectives? 24.02.2020

This is the last week of February and am like wow pretty fast it rolled! And am taking perspectives of so much especially of my use of social media. Uhu, I use social media a lot but I might need to tone down some because Facebook for example may not be impressed with some of the content I put out there. Indeed, they found one of those to go against their policy so they said, and gave me 3 days ban. My intention with sharing whatever content I do is to either inspire, motivate, encourage, raise awareness about something, or advocate for a cause. Well, that could be done otherwise right? So, thanks to that ban, I am reflecting and taking perspective. I will slow down on Facebook and focus more on YouTube, my blog, World Pulse and other stuffs. And, this just one instance where a seeming setback can make us take good perspective. So hats off to whoever reported any of my content to Facebook, they won and I got to take much needed perspective while spending the day studying in my office for bigger goals than being a Facebook Queen o hahahahaha. And you dear readers, what makes you take perspectives?

Happy new week everyone


Hey Tribe can you help my association get an award?

The Award screenshot

My association Hope for the Abused and the Battered has been nominated for an award – a prestigious award for philanthropy, and it’s a close call lol.

I am not going to stop breathing if my association doesn’t get the award, but it will sure be cool as a first award o. The Returnee is out to be the bridge between the diaspora and the people back home, while celebrating those who returned to the country and are making strides in one area or the other.

So, without writing too much, below is the link to vote, and the votes can be done daily until the 27th. Thank you all in advance.