Dear world, here is some inspiration and motivation for us. I can only best use my own self to illustrate my blogs.

You see, in 2009/10, I played with a 115kgs mass and both my physical and mental health took great hits.

It hasn’t been easy nor quick fix, no no it’s a constant battle. 

You may not be struggling with your weight or health, maybe just your wealth or other life projects you know. You may be battling depression, fighting some phobias, trying to understand and be in control of your life, faith, love, kids and what else.

I encourage us all therefore, one tiny step at a time. Look one day, all I could do was fight to leave my bed, get out the door, walk to the gym, and walk back home exhausted. That to me was progress on that day. It was in Belgium in 2015, not so far ago right?

So to you and you and you, dream on; but remember: YES YOU CAN… DON’T GIVE UP


4 thoughts on “YES YOU CAN: DON’T GIVE UP”

  1. Well done Marie. Go girl!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    It’s about hanging in there despite challenges and issues surrounding us. But, winners never quit and quitters never win. I see myself among the winners. It’s not easy, but it’s doable with the right mindset and attitude.

    Have a blessed day. x

  2. Hi Marie,
    thank you for the post! It sure sounds like you have learned to stand strong in your problems. May your strength grow you more strength. Maybe encourage me give others come back to you in many ways shapes and forms.Keep encouraging!

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